4 Different Ways To Cheer Up A Depressed Hamster

Every once in a while your hamster may start to behave in a different way. Your hamster might be acting lethargic or they might be totally ignoring you.

Just like humans, pets go through different phases and they can get depressed sometimes. If you’ve just recently adopted your hamster and this is your first time going through something like this with your little pet, it’s normal to feel anxious and somewhat scared.

However, most of the time there’s not too much of a reason to worry. It can be hard to watch your little hamster go through this rough time though.

So to help out fellow hamster owners, here are 4 different ways to cheer up a depressed hamster. That way you can help your little pet return to how they normally are.

Cheer Up Your Depressed Hamster With Their Favorite Treats

What is one of the things that are most likely to brighten up your day even if you feel overwhelmed and depressed? Comfort food, of course! Just like humans, hamsters enjoy eating treats.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to give them certain treats every day like the ones with a high amount of sugar in them, because that’s not good for them over time. But you can give it to them a few times a week in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Hamsters enjoy eating fruit, so you can try giving them small pieces of apples or grapes. If that doesn’t work, you can always try different types of their favorite seeds and nuts that are safe for them instead.

If your hamster doesn’t react to its favorite food or you want to take it a step further, then you should try to make a game out of giving them their treats. Take some of their favorite seeds or nuts and start hiding some of them around their cage.

It’ll give them something to do and help take their mind off of being depressed while also giving them a reward. So giving them treats from your hand or hiding the treats around their cage can help distract them and cheer them up at the same time because they’ll be getting something that makes them happy.

Cheer Up Your Hamster By Spending More Time With Them

Some hamsters can benefit from their owners spending more time with them than they normally would. So just being near their cage where they can see you can really help them with their depression and also make them feel a little more comfortable and safe.

You can even try talking to them in a gentle tone just to help let them know that you’re there for them.

If you know that your hamster is tamed and well-behaved then you can also get them a good playpen if you don’t have one so that they can spend some time having fun out of their cage.

This can really help with their depression by giving them a fun experience that they’re not used to.

Plus you won’t have to worry so much about losing them while you’re in the process of cheering your hamster up because the playpen will provide a controlled area for them to roam around in.

Just make sure that you sit near them or you stay where they can see you so that they’ll feel more comfortable exploring this new area. After all, everyone likes to change their environment every once in a while, and pets are not an exception.

Cheer Up Your Hamster By Giving Them Some New Experiences

If your hamster is depressed try cheering them up with some mental and physical stimulation. There are multiple ways to entertain your hamster by providing some new experiences.

The easiest way to make a change is to buy them some new toys, something different from things that they already have. Nowadays, there are so many creative toys from balls to bridges and running discs.

But you don’t always have to buy something, you could also try giving them a new toy to chew on that you already have in your house, like toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Just make sure it’s safe.

Hamsters love chewing on different things and their senses are very sensitive. So if you change what they’re chewing on they’ll feel the difference and that can help cheer them up and excite them.

It’s good to note that if you have a few new things for them to play with and chew on, then it’s best to rotate them in and out of their cage to keep things fresh.

To cheer them up through mental stimulation you can try providing your hamster with a simple maze for them to go through.

The maze will help get them up and active as they navigate their way through it and cheer them up in the process. Plus putting some of their favorite treats at the end of the maze can give them a goal to work towards.

And placing their treats throughout the maze sparingly can help keep them interested because they’ll constantly be searching for the next one.

Give Your Depressed Hamster Some Space If They Need It

Sometimes some hamster owners can at times try too hard to keep their little pets entertained. Remember it’s alright to take a step back and relax every now and then.

Sometimes your hamster doesn’t need all those new toys, new chewing materials, and treats from the hand. Perhaps that’s what is bothering them and all they want is to spend some quiet time alone.

Just like us, hamsters go through different moods and phases, and in some cases, it can depend on various reasons like the time of the year or the weather.

Maybe your hamster just wants to be alone and rest for a while. In that case, it’s best to give them some space and leave them alone if they need it.

After a while, your hamster may start to feel better and return to how they normally were. In the meantime, make sure that you’re keeping their cage clean and providing them with food and water.

But if nothing changes after a few days, it may be time to change your strategy and try the games and treats one more time.

Have Patience When You’re Trying To Cheer Up A Depressed Hamster

The most important thing is to stay calm and be patient and try not to overwhelm yourself with terrible scenarios in your head.

This is especially important if this is your first time having a hamster, and you’re not really sure how they’re supposed to behave.

Most of the time everything is okay with your little hamster and they’ll cheer up as time goes on. Sometimes they just need some time to rest and recharge their batteries, just like we need every now and then.

Of course, you can still try all of the things that were mentioned earlier. It’s important to provide both mental and physical stimulation and to spend some quality time with them. Hamsters also like rewards like treats, and those can usually cheer them up even on the worst of days.

In most cases, your hamster will return to normal after a while and you’ll soon realize that there wasn’t too much of a reason to worry.

It could have just been a phase that some pets go through every once in a while. The good thing is that you’ve learned something new about your little pet, you know how it reacts in different situations, and the next time it’ll be a lot easier to cheer your hamster up.


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