About Us

We started Pocket Sized Pets because we had a love for smaller pet animals and we wanted to talk all about them.

Between my wife and I, we’ve had the pleasure of keeping hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. We’ve kept, and spent time with small pets for years and have a great time doing it.

Even before we were married we kept small pets together. Our first pet together was a hamster named Nugget.

Our First Hamster Nugget

More specifically her name was Chicken Nugget. She lived with us for 3 good years before she passed away. Like most hamsters, she was very independent. She was never afraid of anything!

The next pets that we adopted were 2 guinea pigs. Sticking with the food themed names, we named them Sushi and Sashimi.

Our Guinea Pigs Sushi and Sashimi

We’ve had them for 2 years and they are still with us today. They really like playing outside and are super active, sometimes more active than us.

The newest additions to our family are our pet gerbils. Still sticking with the food themed names, they were named Peaches and Cream.

Our Gerbil Peaches (Without his Brother Cream)

Both gerbils are highly active and love running on the wheel. They have a very strong bond and are hardly ever apart.

We even have 2 separate wheels that are the same type for them to run on, but they choose to try to run on the same wheel, at the same time.

We plan on adopting mice next, and then pet rats. We’re most likely going to get them very soon and of course we’re going to name them after food.

Thank you for coming to Pocket Sized Pets and we hope that you have just as much fun as we do keeping our pets. If you need to contact us you can find our email here.

Our website does not constitute medical advice for pets, for medical advice for a pet please consult a licensed veterinarian.