Are Pet Degus Really That Affectionate?

There are some pets who are friendly, happy, and fun to play with and pet degus are one of them. They are small brown rodents that look very cute and can be found in almost all climates.

Pet owners that keep degus love them but do they show that love back? Are degus really that affectionate?

Pet degus are affectionate towards other degus and their owners. They show their love by cuddling up to their owners and grooming the other degus in their cage.

Degus have a very distinctive way of expressing their affection towards others.

So if you are curious to know more about how they show that affection, then this article will help you find some more information about pet degus affection towards their owners and other degus.

Do Male And Female Degus Show Affection Differently?

Well, degus are very social animals and they are best known for their friendly nature.

However, both male and female degus have a similar way of showing affection but there are some factors that can change it and it also depends on when you bring the degus home.

For example, if you get them at a very young age, then their way of showing affection would be different in comparison to degus that are already grown up.

Older degus are more cautious and they might show affection in a different way. Although you can use some training methods to build better trust with them.

So it’s true that some degus take more time to be friendly and show affection.

It can seem like a lot of work to build that trust but it comes with a number of rewards once that bond is established.

Are Degus Affectionate Towards Their Owners?

Degus are very affectionate towards their owners but not all degus are the same.

Some degus require more effort while others get friendly right after you bring them home.

The best way to make them more affectionate towards you is by spending more time with them.

Like other pet animals, you can train your degus and establish a really great bond.

Just be patient and give them some time to open up and get familiar. Most people think that you need younger degus to build a connection but that’s completely false.

Though it is true that young degus are easy to get along with but you can also make older degus show affection towards you. It’s just a matter of time and comfort.

Once a degu is comfortable with you, they will start to love you unconditionally.

Along with this, if the degu is new to your place, then you must handle them very carefully.

The best way to make them feel familiar with your place is by giving them small treats.

You should also avoid holding a degu by their tail because their skin on their tail is very soft and if you hold and pull on it, then it may hurt them and start to come off.

How Are Degus Affectionate Towards Their Owners?

If degus get familiar with their owner, then they will act affectionately towards them.

Once they get used to you and your house, they become highly affectionate and sometimes will want to be picked up.

They are very sweet and usually won’t bite you unless they get hurt or feel threatened. And they can also respond to their names if you train them properly.

Degus require a lot of attention and also get depressed easily if they’re left alone.

They are smarter than some other rodents and love to live in a clean and neat place, that’s why it is very common to see degus rearrange their home.

They also love cuddling and will cuddle with you once they start to know you. They might crawl into your hands to show their affection towards you.

Degus also become very responsive if you make them feel loved and sometimes will start running towards you when they see you or you call them.

Showing Affection Back To Your Degus

One of the best ways to show affection back to your degus is by giving them treats.

However, you can also hold them close to your chest. If you have a new degu, then they might get scared if you go near them initially, so give them some time to get familiar with you.

That’s why you should first get them more familiar with you by giving them treats, then you can use other ways to show your affection.

In the beginning, don’t put your hand in their cage because it can make them feel like you are a predator. Instead, let them come out on their own.

Once they get comfortable approaching you, then you can show them your hand and if they jump up to it, then give them some food.

If you do this repeatedly, soon they will allow you to pick them up and cuddle.

Are Degus Affectionate Towards Other Degus?

As mentioned above, degus are social animals and they are very affectionate towards other degus.

In fact, it is recommended that you should never keep a single degu as it can make them feel depressed.

The majority of degus are happier when they are placed with other degus. Just make sure not to house males in a single cage with a female around them, as they will fight with each other to build a hierarchy.

Though if you want to keep degus in the same place, then it is recommended to introduce them with each other at a young age. If not, then you should do that gradually.

Apart from this, getting a bigger cage and making sure that the ratio of male and female degus is correct will keep them calmer.

If you want to keep male and female degus together and you don’t have space or don’t want to take care of the babies, then it is best to neuter them.

How Are Degus Affectionate Towards Other Degus?

Degus are very energetic about forming bonds with other degus. And they also communicate with their fellow members by making different types of sounds.

They become affectionate with other degus when they spend time and chat with them.

Degus show affection towards other degus by grooming and playing with their other cagemates.

So if you see a degu nibbling their fellow cagemates, then don’t worry because it’s their way of showing care and affection.

Not only this, but they also start chirping with other degus when they feel happy and content.

Degus are amazingly friendly with both other degus and their owners. And if tamed correctly, they become very lovable.


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