Best Disinfectants For Guinea Pig Cages

As pet guinea pig owners, it’s our job to help keep them as clean as possible so they can live a healthier life.

Spot cleaning is a great way to do that, but you’ll also need to deep clean their cage to make sure you’re getting any of the unseen bacteria.

So when it’s time to disinfect it, you’ll want something strong enough that it thoroughly cleans your guinea pigs cage while also being safe enough to use around them.

The best disinfectants for guinea pig cages that can do that are:

  • Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control
  • Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner 24 fl oz
  • Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat
  • Amazing Small Animal Cage Cleaner
  • A Distilled White Vinegar and Water Mixture

So if you want to know more about disinfectants that can actually get the job done and are safe to use around guinea pigs, check out our top 5.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control

This disinfectant is one of the most top-rated ones out there and it’s not that hard to see why.

This spray is used as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer, so it’ll keep your guinea pig’s cage clean and smelling fresh after you use it.

It also comes with a grip so it’s easier to handle when spraying it around your guinea pig’s cage.

This disinfectant is non-toxic and small pet friendly so you can use it on their cage and their accessories.

It’ll help remove built-up grime and the smell of guinea pig urine while leaving your guinea pig’s cage smelling nice.


  • It doesn’t leave a lot of streaks.
  • It rinses clean.
  • The grip makes it easier to spray.


  • You may have to soak more grimy areas in the solution for a while.
  • If you’re not careful, it can be easy to use too much.
  • It cleans very well but doesn’t remove many stains.
Kaytee Clean Cage Spray 32 Ounces
  • Fresh smelling formula safely cleans and deodorizes cages for fast acting and long lasting results
  • Safe to use for small animal habitats
  • Regular use of Clean Cage will contribute to the quality care your pet needs and deserves

Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner 24 fl oz

This is another great disinfectant that was designed to clean small animal cages.

It’s made to easily clean and remove debris that’s stuck to parts of the cage. This disinfectant will their cage and also lock up different odors like the smell of guinea pig urine.

Some disinfectants smell too strong when you use it but not this particular one.

This one traps in the odors without leaving behind that strong, perfume-like smell which is just great for small animals like guinea pigs.


  • It disinfects while also providing odor control.
  • It doesn’t leave behind a strong scent.
  • It does a decent job of removing stains.


  • It doesn’t leave behind a strong scent, but it’s not completely odorless.
  • You may have to soak stains for 5-10 minutes or more to remove it.
  • It can sometimes require you to wipe down the cage again after usage.
Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner 24 fl Oz, Small Animal Formula, Cleans And Deodorizes Small Animal...
  • SMALL ANIMAL FORMULA: Cleans and deodorizes small animal cages.
  • BIO-ENZYMATIC FORMULA: Penetrates to eliminate embedded cage odors.
  • NO MASKING PERFUMES: Will not leave behind strong scents that can irritate small animal respiratory...

Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat

This disinfectant is perfect for a multiple pet household because it’s small pet-friendly and it works well on a lot of different surfaces.

So it’s great for guinea pig cages of all types. It’s also made with no artificial fragrances or perfumes so it doesn’t have too strong of a smell.

Because it works on multiple surfaces, it makes it great to use on your guinea pig’s toys and accessories.

That means this one disinfectant can help clean their water bottles, food bowls, and cage with ease.


  • It doesn’t require rinsing or drying.
  • The disinfectant works on multiple surfaces.
  • It’s safe to use in any pet environment.


  • If you want to spray you’ll need your own spray bottle.
  • Sometimes it leaves a thin residue after you’ve used it.
  • Even though it says it can be used with your pet in the cage, it’s best to take them out.
Miracle Care Healthy Habitat For Reptiles, Small Animals, Birds, Dogs, and Cats, Freshens and Cleans...
  • Natural, biodegradable, detergent-free enzyme formula combines proprietary, naturally based...
  • Specifically formulated to effectively eliminate odors and soiling caused by animal and food waste
  • Healthy Habitat is safe for use in any pet habitat, even when the pet is present

Amazing Small Animal Cage Cleaner

What makes this disinfectant stand out is the fact that it’s made with natural enzymes and still gets the job done.

Because of that, it can be used to clean your guinea pig’s cage as well as other pet messes in your home.

It’s strong enough to remove some very tough stains in your guinea pigs cage and generally around the house.

It also does a great job of deodorizing their cage after you’ve finished cleaning it.

All of these disinfectants are made in the USA, and they’re all made without any harsh chemicals so they’re very pet-friendly.


  • It’s made with all-natural enzymes.
  • It does a great job of removing stains.
  • The disinfectants are made in the USA.


  • It can spray a lot at once, so it can be easy to run out of.
  • It smells natural but the smell can be a little strong.
  • You may have to use your own spray bottle depending on the one you get.
Amazing Small Animal Cage Cleaner, Just Spray/Wipe, Easily Removes Messes & Odors - Hamster Cages,...
  • "FAST-ACTING FORMULA: Our natural enzyme cleaner formula is incredibly fast acting and does not...
  • POWERFUL NATURAL ENZYMES: Absolutely Clean Small Animal all purpose cleaner for Small Animal Cages &...
  • "FOR CAGES, AQUARIUMS & TERRARIUMS: This formula is ideal for cleaning small mammal cages,...

A Distilled White Vinegar and Water Mixture

The last one on the list is one that you can make while at home if you don’t want to go the store-bought route.

If you have spare distilled white vinegar around the house and some water you can make a really great cage cleaner for your guinea pigs. You can mix the two together at a 1 to 1 ratio to create the solution.

That basically means use the same amount of distilled white vinegar and water when mixing it together.

Then all you have to do is find a clean washcloth to use the solution with and you can start wiping your guinea pigs cage down.

It’s the perfect option if you don’t have any other disinfectant or are waiting for your disinfectant to arrive.

What To Look For When Buying Disinfectants For Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

There can be a number of things to look for when getting disinfectants to help clean out your guinea pigs cage.

A lot of them have the same features but not all of them are the same. So here are a some key features to look out for.

  • Is it actually small pet friendly

When looking around for disinfectants for your guinea pigs cage, the first thing you should check for is if it’s safe to use around small pets.

Some disinfectants contain chemicals that can be harmful when used around pets, and that usually goes double for small pets because of how delicate they are.

So when you’re thinking about what disinfectant is right, always make sure it’s small pet friendly.

  • Does it help remove stains

Another feature to look for is if it helps remove stains. Guinea pigs pee and poop all day, every day, and that can leave behind some tough stains in their cage.

A disinfectant that can also remove some of those stains will save you time in the long run.

It’ll keep you from having to get multiple different cleaners to reach the same goal. It’s not a mandatory feature to have, but it’s more like a bonus.

  • Does it deodorize their cage well

Guinea pig cages can start to smell after a short time and you’ll really start to notice it once it’s time to clean their cage.

That smell can get into everything that’s in their cage and it can linger there for a long time. It can sometimes make the room you keep your guinea pigs in unbearable.

So when looking for a disinfectant try to find one that deodorizes their cage as well to keep that smell in check.

  • How strongly does it smell

Most of the time these sprays will leave behind a scent, that’s almost unavoidable.

A strong-smelling disinfectant can harm your guinea pig’s lungs, especially in a confined area.

Luckily most small pet-friendly disinfectants are aware of this and make their sprays with as little scent as they can.

So when trying to find the best disinfectant for your guinea pigs, look for one that disinfects without leaving behind too strong of a smell.


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