Best Gerbil Bedding For Tunnels

One of the things that gerbils really love to do is make tunnels. It’s one of their natural instincts to want to burrow and build tunnels that they can go in and out of when they feel like it.

The bedding that they use to make those tunnels is very important because the wrong type of bedding might not be able to hold up their tunnels that well. So what is the best gerbil bedding for tunnels then?

The best gerbil bedding for tunnels are:

  • Small Pet Select Paper and Aspen Bedding Combo
  • Small Pet Select Timothy Hay and Bedding Combo Pack
  • Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Pet Bedding
  • Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding
  • Carefresh Custom Pet Bedding
  • Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control

When it comes to getting the right type of bedding for your gerbil’s tunnels, having bedding that is made out of two or more different types will usually work the best.

Mixing them together will allow it to stick together and maintain their tunnels a lot better than when there’s only one kind of bedding.

So if you want to know more about getting the best gerbil bedding for their tunnels or you want to know what to look for when getting it, check out our top 6.

Small Pet Select Paper and Aspen Bedding Combo

When it comes to gerbil bedding that’s great for building tunnels this is one of the best options available.

It’s a combo pack that comes with both soft paper bedding and aspen shavings bedding. The best way for gerbils to build some tunnels in their cage is when they’re able to use different kinds of bedding at the same time.

This combo pack will allow them to easily mix both of the bedding together, which can help them create more solid tunnels that won’t easily crumble.

This combo pack will save you some time when it comes to finding the right bedding that you can mix together for your gerbils.

You can even mix either or both of them into the bedding that you’re already using for your little pets and that can also help with their tunnel building as well.

Small Pet Select Paper and Aspen Bedding Combo, 97L
  • Includes 56L of Soft Paper Bedding and 41L of Aspen Shavings Bedding
  • Premium Paper Bedding is soft and absorbent, made with unbleached virgin fiber
  • Premium Paper Bedding is 99% dust free and safe for small pets - no additives, dyes or irritants

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay and Bedding Combo Pack

This is one more great option for tunnel building. It’s another combo pack but this one comes with soft and unbleached shredded paper bedding and Timothy Hay.

This bedding and hay combo can create a good mix that’ll help gerbils make stronger tunnels.

What makes this option stand out is that it contains a good amount of hay that can be used in different ways.

The hay that comes in this pack is great for tunnels and for gerbils to chew on, considering that they love to chew on almost anything that they can get their hands on.

It’s premium hand-selected Timothy Hay and the bedding is safe and 99% dust-free.

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay And Bedding Combo Pack: Timothy Hay (5 Lb.), Bedding (56L)
  • Hand Selected, Premium, 2Nd Cutting Timothy Hay To Ensure Only The Highest Quality Product For Small...
  • Bedding Does Not Include Dyes Or Bleaches - Just Nice Shredded Paper That Is The Perfect Texture For...
  • Bedding Is Soft And Absorbent - Made With Unbleached Virgin Fiber, This Bedding Is 99% Dust Free And...

Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Pet Bedding

If you’re not into combo packs and you only want one pack of bedding that can be used for building tunnels then this one is for you.

What this option contains are paper bedding and soft wood shavings that can also help with odor control.

When those two are put together they can help gerbils when they want to burrow and make their tunnels.

The thing that makes this pick stand out is the fact that it already comes premixed for you. That can help save you some time when it comes to finding different bedding that can be used for tunneling.

It’ll also save you from having to mix it together yourself if you don’t have the time to do that as well.

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Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

This type of gerbil bedding for tunnels comes with only aspen wood shavings.

The wood shavings are high quality and safe because they’re made from logs and not different types of potentially dangerous fibers.

Although this kind of bedding really shines when it can be mixed with other types of bedding, it by itself can still be really good for tunneling.

The reason why gerbils can find it easy to create their tunnels with this bedding is that the wooden shavings come in different shapes and sizes.

Those differently shaped and sized pieces of shavings can allow this bedding to stick together and keep the structure of their tunnels intact.

Small Pet Select Premium Natural Aspen Bedding, Animal Bedding for Small Indoor and Outdoor Pets,...
  • Only the Best for You and Your Furry Friend: The ideal Bedding for your rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil,...
  • 100% Heat-Dried All Natural Aspen Shavings: Made in the USA without any harmful dyes, chemicals or...
  • Comfy Is Key: Super cozy and fluffy but still super absorbent; We have developed this product for...

Carefresh Custom Pet Bedding

The next one on this list that can be used for tunneling is Carefresh Custom Bedding.

It’s made with soft Comfyfluff paper bedding that’s also natural and made from scratch.

What makes this option really stand out is that the paper bedding is 25% larger than Carefresh’s normal paper bedding and it also is meant for nesting and burrowing.

That increased size is what can help make this bedding stick together a little bit easier than their normal size bedding.

Again, it will work a lot better if it can be mixed with another gerbil safe substance.

But even if you don’t want to mix it with anything else it can still do a really decent job when it comes to holding up their tunnels.

Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Natural Paper Nesting Small Pet Bedding with Odor Control, 60 L
  • Small Pet Bedding: Our original natural paper fiber bedding blended with 25 percent bigger pieces...
  • Pillowy Soft: Comfyfluff natural paper bedding made from scratch is blended with 25 percent larger...
  • Exceptional Odor Control: Ideal for use as hamster bedding, guinea pig habitat lining, or bunny...

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control

The last option on this list is Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control bedding.

The reason why this bedding is ideal for creating tunnels is that it can expand greatly and it sticks together nicely.

It’s soft and great for gerbils to use normally every day while still being very dense.

The density of this bedding is what can allow it to be able to form nicely packed tunnels that gerbils can easily create and move around to how they want it to be.

The main benefit of using this one is the odor control that it can provide for you and your gerbils though.

So what this bedding can do is help gerbils build their tunnels and it’ll also help with neutralizing most of the odor that comes from their cage for a while as well.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control Bedding for Pet Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils,...
  • Absorbs 6x its weight in liquid
  • 99.9% dust-free for a cleaner cage
  • Neutralizes odor for fresh, clean cage

What To Look For When Buying Gerbil Bedding For Tunnels

  • What the bedding is made out of

The first thing that you have to look out for when buying gerbil bedding for their tunnels is what the bedding is made out of.

There is bedding that is made out of materials like wood shavings, shredded paper, hay, and even sand. Different types of bedding will be more suitable for building tunnels than others.

For example, bedding that is made out of shredded paper or wood shavings will be able to hold up a gerbil’s tunnel better than bedding that is made out of only sand.

You also have to think about your gerbil’s health as well, because some gerbils can be allergic to certain types of bedding.

So if you think that your gerbil is allergic to the one that you’re currently using, then it’s best that you replace it with another type of bedding that they can use for their tunnels.

  • Is the bedding premixed

The next thing that you should consider is if the bedding is already premixed for you or not.

Premixed bedding can do a better job of creating and sustaining their tunnels than a single type of bedding. Because when the different types are combined they are able to hold up and stick together a lot easier.

Bedding that’s premixed can also save you time from having to mix it yourself.

It can also save you from having to look for different types of bedding to mix together as well.

  • Combo packs vs buying separate packs of bedding

The last thing that you should consider is if you should get a combo pack or separate packs of bedding.

When you get a combo pack it can save you some time because you don’t have to go looking for the right ones to put together, and that can be a really great option.

Buying separate packs of bedding can also be a good decision as well. When you buy separate packs of bedding you’re able to customize them to what both you and your gerbil like.

That way the bedding that you get for your gerbil’s tunnels can be how they want it to be.


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