Best Guinea Pig Hay For People With Allergies

Some people that keep hay in their guinea pigs cage can find it hard to be around their pets if they have certain allergies to hay.

We love them, so instead of giving up on your guinea pigs because you’re allergic to the hay they use, try using hay that’s more hypoallergenic. So what is the best guinea pig hay for people with allergies?

The best guinea pig hay for people with allergies are:

  • Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food
  • Grandpa’s Best Orchard Grass
  • Standlee Premium Western Forage Orchard Grass
  • Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay for Pets
  • Rabbit Hole Hay Ultra-Premium Soft Orchard Grass
  • Premium Orchard Grass for Rabbit, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig
  • Kaytee Orchard Grass

Being allergic to certain types of hay like Timothy Hay doesn’t have to mean you can’t use hay anymore. There are other types of hypoallergenic hay like Orchard Grass Hay that many pet owners switch to that really help them out.

So if you find it hard to be around your guinea pigs cage because of the current hay that you use, check out our top 7 alternatives.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food

This hypoallergenic hay is one of the top-rated ones available for people who have allergies to other hay like Timothy Hay.

Most guinea pig owners that have allergies to Timothy Hay will switch over to Orchard Grass Hay because it makes being around their guinea pigs not as difficult.

Owners that are allergic to Timothy Hay find it harder to clean the cage or just generally be around their guinea pigs after they’ve been around Timothy Hay.

Orchard Grass Hay can be a great hypoallergenic alternative especially if you have allergies to other kinds of hay.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Other Small...
  • Hand-Selected Orchard Grass Hay - We hand-pack each box in small batches to ensure only the highest...
  • Tasty Addition to your Hay Rotation - We all like a little variety in our meals and our pets do too....
  • Earth-Friendly Packaging - As small animal owners, we know the importance of packing delicious...

Grandpa’s Best Orchard Grass

This hypoallergenic guinea pig hay smells great and is grown in the USA. It’s Orchard Grass Hay which means it’s high in fiber and low in protein.

So not only does it do a great job at assisting your guinea pig’s digestion and dental care, but it also is a good choice for people that have allergies from being around Timothy Hay.

What makes this hypoallergenic a different from the others that are on this list is that it comes in a bale. That bale is hand-packaged so that it has minimal dust when you’re using it in your guinea pig’s cage.

Grandpa's Best Orchard Grass Bale for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters & Gerbils, 10 Lbs...
  • Convenient compact size roughly 6"x6"x12"
  • This Hay Provides For Your pet’S Many Needs, From Dental Care, To Play Time, And Is Additive And...
  • Easy To Feed For A Convenient Mealtime

Standlee Premium Western Forage Orchard Grass

When you first take a look at this hay it can seem like there’s not much in the package that it comes in, but that can be slightly deceptive because a lot actually comes in the box.

It’s just so compressed that it makes it look that way. The hay that comes in this box is soft so that it’s easier to manage, and has a small amount of dust so that there’s a lower chance of it clouding the air you breathe.

The fact that it comes with a lot of hay, is sweet-smelling, and is hypoallergenic, makes it another great choice for people that are allergic to Timothy Hay.

Standlee Premium Western Forage Orchard Grass, 10Lb Box
  • Standlee'S Jojo'S Best Premium Western Orchard Grass Is The Highest Quality Premium Western Forage...
  • All Natural Sun-Cured Forage, Free Of Additives And Preservatives And Hand-Sorted For Packaging
  • Standlee'S Jojo'S Best Premium Orchard Grass Can Be Fed To Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils,...

Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay for Pets

This hypoallergenic hay for guinea pig owners is grown and harvested with small pets in mind.

That means it helps with the important dental and nutritional needs of guinea pigs while also making it easier for owners that have allergies to other hay to be around their guinea pigs.

Switching to this Orchard Grass Hay can make the time that you spend near their cage or with your guinea pigs a better experience for those of us that are allergic to Timothy Hay.

Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay - All Natural Grass Hay for Chinchillas, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs,...
  • PROUDLY GROWN IN THE USA: Harvested fresh from Oxbow's family of farms by our expert hay growers
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Hand-sorted and hand-packed with care. All Oxbow hay growers are trained in the...
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL HAY: All-natural ? no additives or binders

Rabbit Hole Hay Ultra-Premium Soft Orchard Grass

If you have issues with being around Timothy Hay then soft Orchard Grass is one of the next best alternatives.

It’s still high in fiber and low in calcium and protein which is great for your guinea pigs diet.

What makes this one different from the others on this list is that it comes in a resealable bag that will lock in the freshness of the hay and make it easier to store and use later.

So if you’re looking for the Timothy Hay alternative that isn’t as messy this is a good pick.

Rabbit Hole Hay Ultra Premium, Hand Packed Soft Orchard Grass for Your Small Pet Rabbit, Chinchilla,...
  • FRESH HAY - We hand-pack every box so you get fresh, green & fragrant hay with little to no dust.
  • ALLERGY FRIENDLY - Soft Orchard is a good substitute to Timothy Hay as it still holds all the key...
  • HIGH FIBER & LOW PROTEIN - Promotes healthy weight & digestion

Premium Orchard Grass for Rabbit, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig

Pet owners that have guinea pigs that are very picky about which hay they like find that Orchard Grass Hay will really make their guinea pigs happy.

Our guinea pig’s happiness along with the fact that this hay is hypoallergenic means that it can be the right choice if you’ve been struggling to be around your guinea pigs and Timothy Hay at the same time.

This hay comes in a box that helps keep the nutrients in and a lot of the dust out.

Kaytee Orchard Grass

Like the others on this list, this hay is easy to manage, high in fiber, and a great alternative for people that have allergies to certain kinds of hay.

The main difference is that this Orchard Grass Hay comes in a smaller size so you can easily try it and see if it’s better for your allergies and your guinea pigs.

So if you’re looking for a great value pick or you don’t want to fully commit to multiple pounds of Orchard Grass Hay, this could be the one for you.

Kaytee Orchard Grass, 24-Ounce
  • Sweet, fruity scent encourages foraging instincts and provides nutritional variety
  • Naturally grown without pesticides or GMO
  • Grown specifically for small animals

What To Look For When Buying Hay For Your Guinea Pigs If You Have Allergies

  • Is the hay hypoallergenic

The first thing that you obviously need to look for is if the hay is hypoallergenic.

Pet owners that keep guinea pigs that are allergic to other kinds of hay like Timothy Hay will quickly find that they’ll have a hard time being around their pets.

There’s other hay out there besides Timothy Hay that you can use, but Orchard Grass Hay is the most common alternative for people that are allergic to Timothy Hay.

  • What other hay can be used besides Timothy Hay

There are a number of other hay out there that could be used besides Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass Hay is the best alternative though.

Other hay besides those two that are available are Bermuda Hay, Oats Hay, Alfalfa Hay, and Meadow Hay.

All of those are available but Orchard Grass Hay has been known to be one of the best hypoallergenic alternatives out there.

  • How much hay are you getting in your package

Make sure to select the hay that comes with the right amount for you. Not everyone will need 20 pounds of hay unless they have a lot of guinea pigs or want to stock up.

So if you’re not sure about trying new hay then go with hay that comes in a smaller size. 

  • The freshness of the hay

When selecting the best hay that’s great for your guinea pigs and is also great for your allergies you actually have to consider how fresh the hay that you’re buying is.

Some guinea pigs can be very picky when it comes to which hay they’ll take a liking to.

So you’ll have to make sure the hay that you get for them is fresh that way they’ll have a higher chance of liking it.

If they end up liking the hay that you’re getting for them and the hay is also soft on your allergies, then you’ll have an easier time being around your guinea pigs.

  • How dusty is the hay 

Most companies that sell hay will state that their hay doesn’t have a lot of dust.

It’s not like they’re intentionally adding dust to their product but sometimes it can be dusty.

So if dust is a major concern for you then it’s a good idea to check a wide range of reviews to see just how dusty their products can be.

Luckily the hay on this list has great reviews about how little dust their product has.

  • Does the hay come in a bag or box 

Chances are if you’re buying hay from the pet store it probably comes in a clear bag that has been sitting under fluorescent lights for a while.

That can make the hay lose a lot of nutrients. Most of the Orchard Grass Hay on this list comes in a box that helps keep it fresh and protects it from losing nutrients over time.

If you do decide to choose hay that comes in a bag make sure it’s at least resealable.

  • How soft or hard the hay is

The good thing about when you get hay that is slightly softer is that it’ll be easier to manage.

The main drawback is that the softer the hay, the less likely it can be used to help grind down your guinea pigs teeth.

Guinea pigs need to chew on things that file their teeth down, but there are a number of other objects that they can do that on besides hay.

If you need softer hay that you’re not allergic to that’s perfectly fine, just make sure you still get something else for your guinea pigs that will fulfill their need to chew on something to grind their teeth down.

  • The nutrients 

When choosing the right hay for your guinea pig you have to keep in mind the nutritional content.

Orchard Grass Hay is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium which is great for your guinea pigs in many ways from dental to digestive.

That’s an added bonus when finding the best hypoallergenic guinea pig hay that can be used for people with allergies.


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