Best Names for Hamsters Boy

Names for Hamsters

Choosing a name for your pet is just as important as buying its favorite toys or snacks. Remember to give him a name quickly enough, because it will help the animal to acclimate faster and in subsequent training. The name for a boy hamster is as important as for any other pet.

Let’s be guided by our opinion and choose names, which will be associated with a given animal. It is worth stimulating your imagination and not limiting yourself to such classic solutions.

In some cases, they may even provoke passionate discussions among the household members and the need to compromise. Although it might seem that hamster names are a rather simple and pleasant task, in practice, they turn out to be equally difficult choices for any other pet.

Does the type of name matter? Names for hamsters can vary greatly, but there are a few indicators to guide you in choosing the most appropriate one. Despite appearances, what name you choose for your hamster can make quite a difference.

Hamsters can learn to respond to a name that they usually associate with meal times or playing together. In practice, a hamster name is often used by the owner and any new visitor to the house always inquires about it in detail.

Some owners pay attention primarily to gender, which is probably the most common way to match the right name for any pet. It would be strange if your male hamster was named Lili or Migotka.

A very important consideration is the meaning that a house pet gains by being given a name. It is such a small initiation, which means introducing the pet to the family and recognizing it as a being that functions within it on its terms.

A name helps to build a special bond with a hamster, because it is no longer a pet bought in a pet store, but becomes the one and only, a most beloved pet, which must be cared for specially.

How to choose your hamster boy name

Names for Hamsters

Choosing a name for the hamster – is not an easy task, however, executable. The basis for the name used by the various functions of the rodent. In some animals pronounced eyes and nose, while others have presented coats of the original colors, while others differ in nature unpredictable.

Hamsters, by nature, are simple animals and do not require difficulty to call their names. The small animal quite easily and quickly learn his name, after which he is free to respond. The name hamster can be short, rarely used nicknames.

You can focus on both the good and the not-so-good behavioral traits. If your hamster is characterized by cleverness and brilliance, you can safely give him the name Cunning or Wise. If, on the other hand, your hamster loves walks and constantly stumbles somewhere, the name Tuptuś will fit him like a glove.

A much more suitable name for males is Domino, Daimond, Cookiek, Pimpek or Loops for males.

Names for male hamsters can be inspired by fairy tale characters or refer to a chosen feature of the hamster’s appearance or behavior. In the first category, names like Jerry, Stuart, Bambi, Oscar, Olaf, Yogi, Frodo or Bambo.

Some features of character or appearance may cause associations with names such as:

Patch, Patch, Bean, Rodent, Figgielek, Nervous, Prancing, Gnawing, Beaner, or Pea.

Let’s remember the peculiarities of our pets, they are a great guide to help choose a name. Hamster breed can also be helpful, for example, names for the Syrian hamster can be associated with the color of fur, which usually has a red or white shade. In such a case, the name Redhead, Fox, or White-haired will work perfectly.

What name for a Syrian hamster?

Names for Hamsters

Some people also choose a name because of the type of hamster they purchased. The Syrian hamster and the Jungle hamster are two breeds of these rodents that are the most popular variety of pet hamsters. How do they differ? The Syrian hamster is slightly larger than the Jungar hamster and can usually be purchased in different types that differ in fur length and color.

What is the best name to choose for a jungle hamster? Almost any name will suit any breed of hamster, but for the Syrian ones, names like Dexter, Dorian, Harry, Ronald, Kamel, Tofik, Leon, Pooh, Oskar, Simba, Zyzio, or Amber will certainly work well.

Why exactly such? Syrian hamsters are usually characterized by a reddish shade of fur, which is often quite fluffy. If you happen to have a light, almost white-colored Syrian hamster, you might want to consider names like Bieluch, Białek, or Silver.

Names for jungle hamster

Names for Hamsters

And what about a name for the Jungar hamster? Here, too, should be guided by the coloration of the coat, which usually takes on shades of gray. Additionally, the characteristic stripe on the back may stimulate your imagination and encourage you to give the hamster one of the following names: Koala, Figiel, Klemens, Pirate, Juicy Timon, jet, Jazz, Rex, Taz, Larry, Gus, Homer, Cooper, Jo Jo, Pepper.

Hungary hamsters are also usually much smaller than their brothers from the Syrian breed, that’s why such diminutive names like Pimpek, Octo, Monster, Rocky, or Sir Squeajs a lot also fit them perfectly. If you give your hamster a name that corresponds with its temperament, constitution, or characteristic features of its appearance, you will have a guarantee that the name perfectly fits the hamster that came to your house.

Hilarious names for hamster

Names for Hamsters

Picking a name for your hamster can be a lot of fun, and you shouldn’t worry if you’re running out of ideas at the moment. Sometimes it is worth getting carried away with your imagination and funnily naming your pet. It can be a cluster of several random syllables or sounds, the most important is that the owner likes it.

Cool names for hamsters do not require spending many hours thinking, just take a piece of paper and write down the words that we associate with the animal.

Examples of funny names for hamsters are:

  • Fate,
  • Tas,
  • Tik,
  • Mok,
  • Luscious,
  • Has,
  • Pat.

Even for a particular breed, you can combine the characteristic appearance of the pet with funny phrases. In the case of a name for a jungle hamster, it is worth juxtaposing their gray color and a stripe on the back, this type of hamster can be called Pirate, Grey, or even Flaw. There are many ideas, just take a close look at our pet, and certainly, the options for hamster names will not run out.

Names for a pair of hamsters

Names for Hamsters

Often when buying a particular hamster, we decide to get a pair so the pets don’t get bored or lonely. This is a great and practical solution, but also requires coming up with as many as two different names for the hamster.

In this case, you can also go in the direction of pairs from cartoons or fairy tales, an interesting option maybe Beauty and the Beast or Eric and Ariel. However, if we have two males it is worth considering Batman and Robin, Fip and Flap even Plut and Goofy

Referring to characters from fairy tales, or comics heroes immediately give the hamster a certain character, and strangely often after a few weeks, it turns out that he perfectly fits the temperament and behavior of each of the pair of hamsters. Timon turns out to be more lively and unpredictable, while Pumbaa appreciates good food and comfortable sleep.

The first thing we always do after buying a pet for the house is to choose a name, which is not such an easy thing at all. For many of us, this is a serious decision from now on only in this way we will address the hamster.

The most important advice you can give such a person is to have fun. Let’s remember that even if at the moment we lack ideas, after some time we will surely come up with something. Pay attention to the hamster’s characteristic signs and behavior, and surely something will come to mind.

Remember that choosing the right name for your hamster is very important both for you and for the animal. You will look at him as a creature that is close to you, and the hamster will become a full-fledged member of the family, which has not only its name but also the character and unique features of appearance.

The best tactic

Names for Hamsters

The best tactic for choosing the right nickname for male hamsters – is to wait and see. First of all, you need to know the nature of the animal, its habits, manners, and interests. Look at the coat color to reveal its characteristic features and determine the functions of the skin.

Special attention is paid to the important hamster’s mouth. In the eyes of the animal will read a lot of interesting, and even determine the mood of the animal concerning its owner. Most often, the owners of small animals give the names of students, based on the characteristics of their characters.

Here is some an alphabetical list of male hamster names

  • AdamAlfieAshAceArchieArrowAshAxelAnthonyArlo
  • BiscuitBootsBubblesBanditBossBusterBuzzBarleyBearBillyBlockBrickBuckwheatBuddyBaxterBenBruce
  • CharmingCheeksChubbyCuddlesChipCrusherCheerioChesterCheetoCornCutie
  • DiscoDoodleDotsDukeDieselDrakeDriverDroneDenbyDrakeDuneDusterDamonDanDaveDennis
  • ElmoEskimoEchoEddieElmoEnderEamonEllisEthan
  • FidgetFlipperFluffyFuzzyFelixFlashFrankFreddie
  • GambleGummyGrumpsGhostGoldieGrubGavinGus
  • HamHiccupHeistHendersonHendrixHoltHumphreyHarveyHugo
  • Ian
  • JasperJuiceyJazzJetJuniorJackJupiter
  • KingKookyKaleKaneKingKookyKevinKyle
  • LambLuckyLamboLionLeoLuther
  • MarshmallowMustardMasonMintMontyMartinMaxMist
  • NoodleNuggetNesterNylonNachoNeilNelson
  • OtisOvieOxOscar
  • PickleParkerPikePythonPinePaulPetePopcornPrince
  • RacerRubbleRacerRiddlesRockyRickyReeseRayRufusRusty
  • ScrabblesSkittleSnoopySprinkleSweepSanderSlateSlashStripSudsSammySandyScoutStuartSunnySamSimonSteve
  • TitchTodrickTweekTommyTrentTurnerTwisterTeddyTheoTaylorTimTrentTroy
  • VanVestVinny
  • WaferWookieWooleyWilliamWayneWilson
  • ZiggyZaneZeke

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