Best Pee Pads For Guinea Pigs

Many pet owners that keep guinea pigs use pee pads in their cage. When it comes to which ones you can use for guinea pig cages, you basically have two types.

Washable pee pads for guinea pigs cages and disposable ones. The type of pee pads you decide to use depends on the easiest way for you to clean their cage.

The main benefit of washable pee pads is you can leave them in the cage for a longer period of time without having to remove and clean it.

The main benefit of disposable pee pads is it’s easy to quickly remove, throw away, and replace. So what are the best pee pads for guinea pigs? The best pee pads for guinea pigs are:

  1. AmazonBasics Training Pee Pads
  2. Pet Parents Washable Pee Pads
  3. GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0
  4. EZwhelp Washable Pee Pad
  5. Pet Magasin Reusable Pee Pads
  6. Pulse Brands Super Absorbent Disposable Pee Pads
  7. Green Lifestyle Washable Underpads

So if your thinking about using pee pads in your guinea pigs cage or want to know what to look for when getting them, check out our top 7.

AmazonBasics Training Pee Pads

Pet guinea pig owners love using these pee pads because they lock odors in. Because they’re disposable, you can get a lot in one pack.

On every side of these pads, there is a 1.5-inch plastic barrier which prevents any of your guinea pigs pee from spilling over.

You won’t have to worry about any urine getting through it onto your floors because it’s super absorbent with a leak-proof and quick dry surface.

It also has a polyethylene backing which would protect your floors from any leaks if they were to happen. They are perfect for guinea pig owners that want to quickly toss and replace their pee pads.

Key benefits and features:

  • Quick-dry surface.
  • Disposable.
  • Super absorbent and locks in odors.
  • Each pad is 5-layered to be leakproof.
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Pet Parents Washable Pee Pads

The Pet Parents Washable Pee Pads are perfect for pet guinea pig owners that would rather reuse their pee pads instead of throwing them away.

These pee pads are durable and can be washed many times before having to replace it.

When the time does come to replace it, you can just switch it out for the other pad because it comes in a pack of two.

Each pad comes with absorption and order control built in which does a great job at keeping your guinea pigs cage from smelling up the house.

Also, you won’t have to constantly spend money on pads. These are washable, which means it can save you money over time.

Key benefits and features:

  • Washable and reusable.
  • High absorption that holds in liquid longer.
  • Odor control.
  • Multi-layered design.
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GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

This one is specifically designed for small pets like guinea pigs and it doubles as a liner and a pee pad.

It’s made with a bamboo fiber that’s very absorbent and a waterproof bottom that makes sure no pee will get through to your floor.

To keep your guinea pig healthier, this liner is made to be dust-free and anti-bacterial which can help prevent some common guinea pig infections.

Those infections being: urinary infections, bumblefoot, upper respiratory infections.

This liner is washable which means it’s supposed to be used over and over again, and it’s easy to maintain.

Key benefits and features:

  • Waterproof bottom.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Absorbent bamboo fiber.
  • Anti-bacterial.
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EZwelp Washable Pee Pad

The EZwhelp Washable Pee Pad is made to be stain-resistant and absorbent. These pads are made of 4 layers.

The top layer is made to absorb pee quickly and pull it down to the second layer.

The third layer is a thin waterproof layer that will protect your floors from any spills and the fourth layer is brushed with polyester so it won’t slip on your floor.

These pads are also easy to set up because it can come with grommet holes that can be quickly fastened to your guinea pigs cage.

Key benefits and features:

  • Washable and reusable.
  • Stain-resistant.
  • Maximizes absorbency.
  • Grommet holes that allow you to fasten it to a cage.
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Pet Magasin Reusable Pee Pads

The Pet Magasin Reusable Pee Pads do a great job of reducing waste by being machine washable and dryer friendly. It can also be hand washed and air dried to extend the usability.

They also come in a pack of three which means you can use all at once, a couple at a time, or one by one.

These pee pads will lock in odor and pee very well with it being made out of 100% polyester.

They also have a built-in waterproof backing that will save your floors and will last through many washing cycles.

Key benefits and features:

  • Comes in a pack of three.
  • Locks in odor and pee.
  • Waterproof backing to keep your floors cleaner.
  • Washable and reusable.
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Pulse Brands Super Absorbent Disposable Pee Pads

These pee pads are perfect for guinea pig owners that don’t want to wash and reuse their pads, but instead, want to throw away and replace.

They’re made with a leak-proof design that can be folded or cut to fit your guinea pigs cage and comes in a pack of 14.

To prevent any spilling on your floors, these pads are made with a 1.5-inch plastic border that helps stop overflow from happening.

These particular pads have a 5 layer design that locks liquids into the middle and they won’t fall apart when it gets wet.

Key benefits and features:

  • Disposable.
  • 5 layer design to prevent leaks.
  • Reduces odor.
  • Sponge-like core soaks up liquids.
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  • Leak-proof design ensures easy clean-up.

Green Lifestyle Washable Underpads

The Green Lifestyle Washable Underpads are one of the bigger pee pads on this list coming in at 30×34 inches in size and it comes in a pack of six.

It’s made with a quilted cloth so it’s super absorbent and meant to trap in moisture and prevent leaks.

The fact that it’s made with premium quality fabric and reinforced seams means that it will last you for a long time even after many washes.

The waterproof backing will protect any surface under your guinea pigs cage because of its leak-proof design. It’s also thick and multi-layered to maximize protection for your floors.

Key benefits and features:

  • Washable and reusable.
  • 30×34 inches in size that cover a large area.
  • Long-lasting premium quality fabric.
  • Thick and highly absorbent.
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What To Look For When Buying Pee Pads For Guinea Pigs

When it comes to selecting the right pee pads for your guinea pigs, you have to consider which features you’ll need the most.

It can be hard to pick between pads because a lot of them share the same features.

That being the case, here’s a general list of the things you should look for when trying to decide which ones are best for you and your guinea pig.

  • Washable.

The first thing you’ll want to figure out is if you’d rather wash and reuse your pee pads or dispose and replace them.

Washing the pads can be very eco-friendly but it can be slightly more time consuming as well. The upside is that it can save you money in the long term because you won’t have to constantly purchase more pads.

  • Disposable.

The main benefit of disposable pads is it’s less maintenance overall. Just throw it away and replace it. Most of the time when you get disposable pads they come in a high number count box that should last you a while.

  • How well does it absorb?

The main feature that we look for is the amount it absorbs. Once you know this you’ll know how long you can go before you have to switch the pad out.

  • Odor control.

Guinea pig pee can smell bad after a while and can stink up a room. So if you want to stop the odor in its tracks, go for the pads that do a great job at locking in odor.

  • Leak-proof design.

Fortunately, most pee pads come with a leak-proof bottom that will protect your floors from any spills. But it’s still a good idea to check for this feature before making a decision.

  • Having a quick-dry surface.

Guinea pigs can suffer from infections such as bumblefoot, which can be caused by dirty conditions in their cage when they walk around on soiled pads or bedding.

To prevent this, look for a pee pad with a surface that is made to dry quickly. Fortunately, most pads are made to be this way.

  • The size of the pee pads.

Most pee pads can come in different sizes that you can choose from but some only come in a set size.

You don’t want to make the mistake of getting a pee pad that’s too small to be used. It’s important to know the size of their cage early on, this way you can be sure you get the correct sized pee pad for your guinea pigs cage.


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