Best Rat Foods on Amazon

Best Rat Foods on Amazon

Owning a pet rat can be an enriching and wonderful experience. However, the kind of food they eat can be just as important as the love and attention of their healthy being. Finding good nutrition for your rat or rats can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task at first; there are so many options out there!

Some rat owners choose to make their food blends, while others prefer pre-made foods. I’m here today to cover some of the best foods to be found on Amazon (and some other sites) for rat owners but first, let us get to know rats.Β 

What are pet rats?

Rats are one of the most common pets kept in the United States. Owning rats is not tricky, but some unique challenges are involved with their care. Unlike cats and dogs, rats do not have an antagonistic relationship with humans like their larger counterparts.

They are much more social and enjoy human company in the same way a cat or dog might; however, they can be trained to perform specific tasks for food rewards similar to the way we train our canine pets. Rats are very intelligent and have been used in research for many years.

Like dogs, they are social creatures, but they won’t be coming when you call them. Pet rats need some attention from their owners to stay happy and healthy. If you can provide that attention, you might find yourself with a great pet!

What do rats eat?

Domestic rats are omnivores. They frequently eat plants, such as fruits and vegetables. However, many eat seeds only very sparingly. Instead, they mainly feed on grains, fruit, cereal, bread, and nuts.

Pet rats need a high-quality diet because they do not engage in significant exercise. They eat and sleep much of the day and then run around at night (when people aren’t watching, hopefully!). Their diets tend to be high in carbohydrates and low in protein.

A rat’s diet should come from nutritionally complete pelleted or block food. The best rat foods are all-natural and contain no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

What should I feed my pet rat?

Pet stores offer ready-made foods for rats that can be fed as a staple diet. However, like any other animals (even humans), rats need some variety in their diet.

Therefore, many rat owners feed their pets various foods, including peas and carrots, safe for rats to eat. They also like strawberries and bananas. In addition, rats enjoy treats like raisins (not too often) or dark chocolate (not at all).

What Are The Best Rat Foods On Amazon?

Rats are some of the most popular small animals kept as pets. They’re intelligent, social, and have exciting personalities. If you’re a rat owner, it’s essential to know what to feed them to stay healthy and happy. In this article, we’ll share some of the best rat foods on Amazon below:

#1 Kaytee Fiesta Mouse and Rat Food

This produces a more enjoyable experience for your pet while also helping to keep their teeth healthy.

The shape and texture of these snacks support dental health by providing natural chewing activity, which helps prevent plaque buildup on the tooth surfaces; it’s great if they’re teething or need an incentive! In addition, these goodies contain prebiotics (which promote digestion) and probiotics(live bacteria) that help with regularity when consumed regularly.

The rats will surely love the taste of this high-quality pellet food so much that they would demolish one whole bag within just minutes for lunchtime snacks or dinner–and we mean every single bite (no halves).

These natural ingredients keep them healthy with antioxidants & immune system support. Still, they also help maintain their glossy coats thanks to vitamin C& E vitamins which promote skin health.

Customers think that many pet rats love this product due to the variety, and for only $5, you can get a week’s worth of high-quality food. This is one of the best deals around! 

#2 Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Rat Food

The best rat food on the market is this nutritional powerhouse! It has everything your pet needs to thrive, from being coated with natural ingredients and zero added sugars. Not only that – this is not your average, everyday kind.

It includes fruits such as apple and blackcurrant for their antioxidant properties to help promote optimum health with high vitamin content that assists in cardiovascular system development!

In addition, the polyunsaturated fatty acids found within this nutrient-dense dish are less saturated than normal fats while still providing essential Omega -3s. A tasty snack without all those unhealthy additives like sugar nonsense…chips Ahoy!!!

Some customers or pet owners say their pets are happier than ever before! There’s no more greasy bucks, stinky little rats, or urine smell.

#3 Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Reggie Rat and Mimi Mouse Tasty Mix

This is an excellent food because it’s nutritious and tasty! The ingredients include maize, oats, wheat peas as well as vitamins. It also has linseed, which can help with skin problems in rats or mice of all shapes (Mice are more miniature than guinea pigs).

This fantastic formula not only encourages natural foraging but also rewards your little friend with an excellent taste that will have them coming back again and again! Your furry friend can enjoy this tasty treat in any breed or age group (well, aside from pregnant females).

Customers say their pets enjoy it as it must taste great and has a variety of flavors that keep their taste buds satisfied, as well as hard pellets for when you need to get serious about gumming up those teeth! In addition, the high-quality pellet size means less chewing time which helps prevent tooth decay.

#4 Oxbow Essentials – Adult Rat Food

This high-quality rat food is made from all-natural ingredients and includes fruits, vegetables, and a complete animal protein. So not only will your pet live longer, but it’s also healthier because this type of diet provides them with better quality of life!

With a combined team of professionals from laboratory animal science, zoo, and wildlife nutrition experience, this rat food product has been formulated with guidance. The leading nutritionist formerly working at National Institutes for Health (NIH) provides 25 years’ expertise in Laboratory Animal Science while also serving on committees within research council organizations like university aquariums across America.

Customers say they always loved this rat food because it is excellent and they don’t need much to eat. In addition, most adult male rats are healthy after eating their meals from these small pellets, so they feel like it’s an excellent choice!

#5 Mazuri Vegetarian Rat & Mouse Diet

This is the perfect food for your furry friend. The dried yucca shidigera extract in this product helps reduce waste odor and supports dental health, which means you won’t have to worry about those pesky incisors! It’s also complete with nutrients that are lacking at many other brands- no supplementation needed πŸ™‚ You can’t go wrong with Mazuri!

All of their feeds are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and technology, so you know your pet will be getting just what they need.

Customers say they love this feed! It’s so good because the rats eat it all. The best part? There is no smell in their enclosure, at least while they play around with these new toys, let alone when eating!!!

#6 Vitakraft Vita Smart Rat/Mouse Food

The perfect gift for your furry friend, this food is made with tasty pellets full of veggies and seeds. It also has natural oils to help keep coats healthy! Plus, it contains DHA Omega 3’s, Antioxidants, Complexed Minerals & Probiotics.

With added antioxidants and vitamins A & E, you’re supporting their immune system while they enjoy a good meal – not just one but several bowls worth thanksgiving leftovers (I hope). The best part? This product comes from America, so we know its safe too πŸ˜‰

Customers say this food is the best! It’s made of all-natural ingredients and lasts much longer than other brands. In addition, the bag does not get dried out as others do, so you can eat healthy without worrying about it going moldy before your pet gets hungry again.

#7 Kaytee Fiesta Krunch-A-Rounds with Peanut Center for All Small Animals

The perfect food for small pets is here! This crispy rice coating covered with sesame seeds and peanut center will satisfy your pet’s need to chew while being great as both a regular meal or training treat.

These treats are a healthy option to have just as an occasional treat, and pet owners will be happy about that because hard chews can take up too much of your daily food intake. But pets need to give them big bones to test the limits on what they like and provide small snacks, so there isn’t any worry or boredom when coming across something new!

Customers say these treats are a favorite of rats because they’re made foraging material. The outside has an interesting texture and toothiness that the inside doesn’t provide, so it satisfies their craving while giving them some variety to gnaw on as well! 

#8 Vitakraft Drops Mini Banana & Cherry Flavor

It’s perfectly sized, and it has two delicious flavors! This vitamin-fortified blend can be used throughout life to maintain optimum health. Hamster, rat, and mouse snack time! These tasty treats are made with natural fruit flavors that keep your pet happy. They’re suitable for training or an anytime “just because” treat, so give them a try today!

Customers say that the rats’ yogurt treats are all about the Banana & Cherry flavor. They LOVE these! Pet owners can’t hand them out fast enough before someone else gets their hands on one, or something will happen (joke) – most say don’t stop making this stuff because it is a favorite way of eating healthy by their rats.

#9 Kaytee 3 Pack of Food from The Wild Natural Snack

Introducing the most wholesome treats for your furry little friend! This food product is perfect for foraging treats made with natural ingredients. It’s also suitable to feed your hamster, gerbil, or rat.

Made with a medley of carrot, pumpkin seed, and peanut butter, as well as a rose petal. These healthy snacks will make you feel great about treating them while also providing variety, so they don’t get bored, or together they’ve got an accident on one treat too many πŸ™‚

Customers say these are the best treats they’ve found for their pet mice. Rats love them, and they seem to please them!

#10 Monkey Biscuits – Healthy & Crunchy Biscuit Treat

This diet is suitable for all sorts of creatures, even if you don’t have an animal at home! It’s complete and nutritious. Made with new world primates in mind as well as old ones so it can be fed to Prairie Dogs or Parrots too-or, just rats πŸ™‚

The Crunchies are great because they help keep teeth trim by providing inhibitory substances that stop further growth when eaten daily.

This food is perfect for your pet rat! It’s approx. 2″ long and 1 inch wide, so it will keep their curiosity satisfied while also being small enough that you can feed many at once without worrying about overdoing the consumption of calories or nutrients by one animal (or person).

The Easy Biscuits are made from natural ingredients like oatmeal which makes them rich in fiber; soy proteins ensure robust muscle development, among other things.

Customers say they love this as a supplement, and rats love it too.

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