Can A Hamster Run Too Much On A Wheel?

Hamsters love to run on their wheel because they like to exercise and it’s natural for them to do that.

Sometimes though, it can look like they are spending way too much time on their wheel.

It can look alarming because it seems like they’re only interested in running all the time and not any other activity. So can a hamster can run too much on a wheel?

Generally, hamsters know their own bodies and won’t run too much on their wheels. Hamsters have a lot of energy, so it is normal behavior when you see them run almost all the time throughout their day.

However, there are some situations where running too much can be a bad thing for hamsters.

So in this article, I’ll cover some of those situations and also if you should stop your hamster from running all the time.

Can A Hamster Run Too Much On A Wheel?

It seems like every time you look at your hamster’s cage they‘re running on the wheel. That’s because hamsters can feel that natural urge to be active.

To us owners though, it looks like our hamsters are running too much on their wheel.

But that’s generally not the case, because it’s natural for them to want to get a lot of exercise.

So it’s perfectly fine if your hamster runs on the wheel a lot as long as they are getting the proper nutrition, rest, and they’re staying hydrated.

Problems mainly only start if you notice that your hamster is running on the wheel all the time without drinking enough water and getting their rest and nutrition.

It’s at that point that you’ll have to step in and regulate how much time they spend on the Wheel.

Can A Hamster Die From Running Too Much?

Hamsters usually run so much on their wheels that it seems like they can run themselves to death.

That can be scary for an owner because it looks like their hamster can die from running too much.

Hamsters generally know their own body and can feel when they’re tired and when it’s time to get off of the wheel.

One of the only times that you should be concerned if your hamster can die from running too much is when they are malnourished or dehydrated.

If your hamster it’s still running on their wheel too much and they haven’t eaten or drank any water in a long time, that’s when there’s a risk of them dying.

So if you think that this is your situation then what you should do is take the wheel out of their cage, and only put it back in at certain times of the day.

Keep this up until you see your hamster get back on their regular eating and drinking schedule.

Once they do start eating and drinking their water normally, then you can return their wheel to their cage.

Is It Normal For A Hamster To Run On Their Wheel All The Time?

It’s normal for your hamster to run on the wheel all the time and there’s a number of reasons why they do this.

The first reason is that it’s just a natural behavior that they do from time to time.

It’s important that they get enough exercise throughout the day so it’s actually a good thing that they run a lot.

Another reason that they’re running so much is that sometimes they just get restless and bored.

Without any new toys or experiences, hamsters can fall into a daily pattern of sleeping too much, eating, and running on their wheel.

If you notice that’s all your hamster is doing then you’ll need to introduce something new into their cage so that it piques their curiosity and interest.

How Much Running Is Too Much For A Hamster?

Running becomes too much for a hamster when they’re malnourished and dehydrated or if they start to develop physical injuries.

If your hamster is still running on their wheel when they haven’t eaten or drank anything for a decent period of time, then that’s considered too much running for them.

Another sign that they’re running on their wheel too much is if you notice any physical injuries on their feet.

Too much running especially on a wheel that isn’t right for hamsters can give them blisters on their feet.

For example, most of the metal wire wheels that are marketed as hamster wheels can be dangerous for their feet if they spend too much time on it.

So even though those wheels are very quiet and sturdy, it can still be a problem if your hamster runs too much on it.

Should You Stop Your Hamster If It’s Running Too Much?

If your hamster is running on their wheel a lot but they’re keeping up with their food and water then there’s really no need to stop them.

It’s just a natural behavior and you can continue to let them have all of their fun.

However, if your hamster is dehydrated, malnourished, or has physical injuries from running on their wheel, then this would be the right time to step in and stop them from running.

Take their wheel out of the cage and give them something else that’s active to do instead.

You can put the wheel back in their cage at certain times of the day, that way you can control how much they use it.

How Much Should A Hamster Run On Their Wheel?

The amount of time that a hamster can spend on their wheel varies from hamster to hamster.

It really depends on how active they’re used to being and how much water and nutrition they get daily.

A lot of other factors can go into this as well like their age, health, and what kind of wheel they have.

That being said, generally, a hamster can run up to six miles on their wheel in a day.

So when considering some of the factors like the type of wheel they’re using and their age and health, it’s normal for you to see your hamster run up to six miles on their wheel spread out through the day and night.

Make Sure Your Hamster Has A Good Food And Water Supply While They Run

The most important thing that a hamster needs when they are very active on their wheel is a constant supply of food and water.

Without access to enough food and water, they won’t have the proper energy to be able to safely run all day long.

Make sure that you keep their food and water supply at a good level enough level for them.

That way they can get to it when they take a break from running and replenish all the calories they lost when they were exercising.

As long as you do that and they don’t have any feet injuries, then there shouldn’t be any issues with your hamster running too much.


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