Can Hamsters Feel Your Emotions?

Hamsters can be very smart sometimes and can pick up on some of the changes that are happening around them.

So because their owners can spend a decent amount of time around them, they may also notice some changes with them as well. So does that then mean that hamsters can feel your emotions when they change?

While hamsters won’t be able to actually feel your emotions, what they can do is notice that you’re acting differently while you’re around them.

The fact that they can sometimes tell if you’re behaving differently can seem similar to them being able to feel your emotions, and that’s why it can be so confusing.

Can Hamsters Feel Your Emotions?

When it comes to hamsters and feeling their owner’s emotions, some of them can do something similar to that.

In most cases what’s actually happening is a hamster noticing your body language or tone of voice.

What they’re really doing is noticing that you’re acting or sounding differently, but this usually only happens after they’ve created a strong bond with you.

So for example, sometimes a hamster won’t be able to tell when you’re sad or happy, but they’ll notice how you sound and act if you’re being that way while you’re around them.

When you’re sad you may start to move around a little slower, be more hesitant, or talk in a lower tone and that’s something that a hamster can pick up on.

The same goes for a hamster noticing how you sound and act when you’re happy as well.

When you’re happy you’re more likely to be more playful and the sound of your voice can have a happier tone to it, which is something that a hamster can notice too.

That’s why a hamster being able to tell the difference in your body language and tone of voice can look and seem so similar to a hamster feeling your emotions.

So what you’re really seeing in this situation is a hamster just noticing that something is off or different about you.

How Common Is It For A Hamster To Feel Your Emotions?

It’s not all that common for a hamster to be able to feel your emotions because that’s something that they don’t really do, and this is especially the case when they’re not fully used to you.

However, it is common for a hamster to notice that you’re acting differently because it’s easier for them to tell if you’re behaving strangely if you spend a good amount of time with them.

But if you only come around them every so often, then they won’t really know how you usually act and won’t be able to tell the difference between your different moods.

Plus most of the time hamsters really struggle with being social unlike other pet rodents like rats or guinea pigs, because that’s not something that they’re born to be good at doing.

So because of that, they won’t have as much experience with caring for others, and that goes for caring for their owner’s feelings as well.

When it really comes down to it they just don’t have the natural instinct that other social animals that live in groups have.

But if you’ve built up a good amount of trust with your hamster then something like that can happen.

Although again, what’s usually happening is your hamster noticing that you’re acting differently than how you would usually act while you’re around them.

Telling If Your Hamster Notices That Your Emotions Are Different

Hamsters can be confusing pets sometimes because they don’t usually show if they understand something as complex as emotions like some other pets can do.

They won’t always be able to verbally communicate that they can feel that your emotions are different.

So because of that, it can be hard to tell if your hamster even notices any difference in your emotions or how you’re behaving.

But on occasion, they sometimes can show that they understand that something about you is different.

When they show that they understand that you’re acting differently it can be subtle, but it’s still easy to spot when they do it.

One example of this is if you’re sad and your hamster decides to stay still near you when you know that they’re usually very energetic.

So if you’re acting a certain way when you’re sad like if you’re being hesitant or speaking in a lower tone, then they may see that that’s what’s going on and stick by your side for a little while.

Another example of your hamster noticing that your emotions are different is if you’re feeling a certain type of way while around them and they run over to you to check on you every now and then.

They’ll come over to you to see how you’re doing then go back to playing and repeat that process for a while.

So basically the best way to tell if your hamster can do something like feeling your emotions is if when you act differently that causes them to act differently.

Hamsters Can Seem Like They Can Feel Your Emotions

Sometimes it can seem like a hamster can feel your emotions when you start displaying certain behaviors while you’re around them.

But what’s usually happening is that they’re noticing that how you’re acting is not normal.

One of the main reasons why is that hamsters aren’t born fully knowing how to be social like some of the other animals that we can keep as pets.

So try not to be too upset if your hamster doesn’t completely understand how you’re feeling because that’s just how they are.

Instead, try to at least take some comfort in the fact that they can sometimes understand that you’re not acting like yourself and that they may try to comfort you in some way.


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