Can You Let Your Guinea Pig Go In The Wild?

If you have a guinea pig that you no longer want then it’s normal to think about the different ways that you can let them go.

One of the ways that some people think about letting their guinea pig go is letting them roam free outside to the point where they run away. So can you let your guinea pig go in the wild?

You should never let your guinea pig go into the wild because they won’t be able to survive out there in any way. They’re very likely to die of starvation, die from diseases, die from fright, or get eaten by some of the predators that are out there quickly.

So releasing your guinea pig in the wild where they won’t stand too much of a chance can be a very bad idea.

Can You Let Your Guinea Pig Go In The Wild?

So if you were thinking of letting your guinea pig go into the wild then just know that that is a very bad idea and it’s something that you should never do.

As prey animals, they won’t be able to fully take care of themselves when set free like that.

It’s not an environment that they’re used to and they won’t be able to fully thrive like they can when we keep them as pets.

One of the reasons why they won’t do well in the wild is that they have been domesticated for a really long time.

So they won’t really know what to do in that type of situation if you release your guinea pig in the local environment that you live in.

Plus guinea pigs don’t really have that many defenses that they can use so it’ll be very hard for them to defend themselves most of the time if not always.

Also, when it comes to guinea pigs they have very special needs when you think about their diet.

So for example, even if by chance they survive for a decent amount of time out in the wild they’ll still have a lack of vitamin C.

That lack of vitamin C over time can cause them to become sick and they’ll eventually die out there.

But those are only a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t let your guinea pig go in the wild, there are more than a few that should persuade an owner not to do this.

What Can Happen If You Let Your Guinea Pig Go In The Wild?

There are many really terrible things that can happen to a guinea pig if you set them free in the wild.

Usually one of the first things that can happen to a guinea pig if they’re let go like that is they will become traumatized after being out there for a little while.

They won’t know what to do when released into the wild because there’s no structure for their lives out there like there is when you keep them as pets.

The main reason for that is it’s been a very long time since guinea pigs were able to roam free in the wild.

They have been pets their whole life and so have the guinea pigs that came before them too, so it’s not something that they’re used to.

Your Guinea Pig May Get Eaten By Predators

Another thing that has a high chance of happening to a guinea pig that’s released is that they will be eaten by the predators that are around them.

Guinea pigs don’t really have too many defenses that are effective against larger animals, plus they can’t run that fast to escape from them either.

So they’re very likely to be targeted by predators on the ground like foxes and coyotes and predators in the air like owls and hawks.

So they’ll basically become a meal for any of the predators that are in your local area that can snatch them up and eat them.

Your Guinea Pig May Die From Starvation

There’s also a good chance that a guinea pig can die from starvation if released into the wild if they don’t get eaten first.

As their owners, we’re basically their only source of food and nutrition and that’s all they’ve ever known.

We’re the ones that give them their water, food, hay, vitamin C, and everything else that can help support their health.

So that means that they won’t know the skills that it takes to go out and get everything that they need to stay healthy.

Even if they do manage to find some of the stuff they need like water to drink or maybe grass to eat, they won’t be able to find everything that they need in the wild.

Your Guinea Pig Can Get Hit By A Car

One more thing that’s likely to happen if you set your guinea pig free into the wilderness is they may be hit by a car.

They won’t have a good sense of direction and are not experience with life outside of their enclosure, so they won’t know that going out onto the road can be dangerous for them.

So there’s always the chance that they roam out into the street and get run over by some of the passing vehicles.

What You Should Do Instead Of Releasing Your Guinea Pig Into The Wild

Instead of releasing your guinea pig into the wild where they can quickly be eaten, you should take them to one of your local animal shelters.

But not just any old animal shelter will do when it comes to guinea pigs though.

They’ll need to be taken to one that can actually take them in because those are the ones that can properly address their special needs.

It’ll be a lot better of an experience for your guinea pig if they’re taken to these types of shelters.

Once they are there they’ll be taken care of and there will be a chance that someone else may come along and try to adopt them.

Which can give them a chance to have some different experiences rather than something bad happening to them out in the wild.

So that’s why you should give your guinea pig away instead of releasing them outside where they’ll have to try their best to fend for themselves.


So basically when it comes to guinea pigs they won’t be able to last very long if they’re set free in the wild.

It isn’t something that they’ll be used to and they won’t be able to get used to it because of how domesticated they are.

A pet guinea pig that’s released into the wild is very likely to die of disease, illness, or starvation if they don’t get eaten by a larger animal first, and you’ll have to deal with that loss.

That means that this is something that a pet guinea pig owner should never do.

Especially when there are other options available when it comes to letting them go.

So if you’re in the situation where you have a guinea pig that you don’t want anymore, then you should give it up for adoption at an animal shelter that can take care of a guinea pig’s special needs.


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