Do Gerbils Like Hammocks?

There a lot of different toys that are available for gerbils to have that they will like to play around with.

But there are some toys like hammocks that are usually not marketed for gerbils. So would gerbils like having hammocks in their cage?

Gerbils will most likely like having hammocks, but there’s always a good chance that they will try ripping it up because of how much they like to chew on things, which won’t be good for them.

So if you were thinking about adding a hammock to your gerbils’ cage for them to sit in and play with, then it would be better if you used a safer alternative.

Do Gerbils Like Hammocks?

Hammocks can seem like a really good hanging toy that some gerbils will like to have in their cage.

But even though most gerbils will probably like hammocks or any other new toys that you can give them, that doesn’t mean that it should be given to them.

The hammocks that are at the pet store in the small pet section usually say that they’re great for small animals.

But if you look at the packaging of the hammocks, most of them don’t include gerbils on the list of small animals that it can be given to, and there are reasons why.

The reason for that is that a lot of the time a hammock hanging toy can come with some risks if it’s put into a gerbil’s cage.

One of the main risks is that gerbils chew on almost anything which means that they will most likely chew on the hammock and easily rip it to shreds.

And when the hammock is ripped up it can be bad for them in a number of different ways.

So even if gerbils would like hammocks in their cage, you should try an alternative that’s better for them if you still wanted to try hanging toys.

What Can Happen If You Put A Hammock In Your Gerbils’ Cage?

As I said before, even if they like it, putting a hammock into your gerbils’ cage can come with some risks, so what can happen if it’s put in there?

Well, initially they’ll be curious about the new object that’s in their cage and go up to it a few times to smell it and see what it is.

Then because it’s new they’ll play around with it for a little while out of curiosity.

But as their curiosity starts to fade away they will most likely begin to chew on the fabric of the hammock, which is not good for them.

The reason why it’s not good for gerbils is that the fabric can get ripped off while they’re chewing on it and they can get tangled in it.

If they get tangled in the fabric then there’s a chance that some of the longer pieces can get wrapped around some of their limbs.

It can be hard to get them out of it because gerbils are so small and they move around really quickly.

Plus in some cases, if the fabric is wrapped around a gerbil’s limb for too long it can require the limb to be amputated.

Also, there’s always the chance that the fabric from the hammock can get accidentally ingested by them as they’re chewing on it as well.

Another thing that can happen is the hammock can get peed on by the gerbils.

If that happens then the hammock will soak it up, which can be bad if it’s left there for too long, and it will also make their cage a lot more smelly.

So even if gerbils will like hammocks, it’s best if they have a different type of hanging toy that is more suitable for them and their chewing habits.

Hammock Alternatives That Gerbils Can Have

If you still have your heart set on getting a hanging toy because you think that your gerbils will really enjoy having it, then there are some good alternatives that are a little safer for them to have.

One of the things that you can try as a hammock alternative for your gerbils is a small basket.

You can hang the basket from the top of the cage with wires to create your own DIY hammock that your gerbils will love to sit in and chew on.

Another hammock alternative that you can try is to use a hollow coconut shell that’s safe for small pets that you can hang.

This one is a little bit harder to hang because you’ll have to be able to get the wires through the shell of the coconut.

But once you do, it can be a great hammock for them because they’ll be able to play as hard as they want on it, and it’s less likely to break apart because it’s so sturdy.

One more hammock alternative that you can try is hanging a bendable bridge-tunnel that’s made out of wood.

That way if they do chew on it, it’ll just be wood that they’re chewing on and not fabric.

Plus you’ll be able to bend and mold it to how you want it to be to accommodate for how many gerbils that you have.


So gerbils would most likely like hammocks but because of their chewing habits, it’s not the right toy for them.

If you still want to use a hanging toy that’s like a hammock then just make sure that it’s not made out of fabric.

The fabric can be ripped off of the hammock and that won’t be good for them in any way.

So it’s best if the hanging toy that you use is made out of something that it’s safer for them to chew on like wood.

That way you’re being as safe as possible about the items that you put into their cage that your gerbils come into contact with.


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