Do Hamsters Poop On You?

Hamsters are great pets to have and they’re usually very clean animals, but they will poop almost anywhere.

They will poop in random places throughout their cage and also outside of their cage as well. But do hamsters poop on you?

A hamster will poop on you when you’re holding them and playing with them and that’s completely normal behavior.

Hamsters will poop on you regardless of if they’re used to you or not and there can be a couple of simple reasons why they’ll do it.

Hamsters Will Poop On You

So it’s true that hamsters can poop on you if they’re given enough time to do it.

Hamsters eat their food continuously throughout the day and night. They also digest their food very quickly and can poop more often depending on their diet.

So it’s no surprise that hamsters will poop almost constantly throughout the day.

That means it should be no surprise that they’ll also poop on you too if you’re closely interacting with them.

They’ll poop on you when you’re just holding them and even when you’re playing with them and they’re having fun as well, and that’s completely normal behavior.

So when they do this it’s not like they’re trying to actively poop on you, it’s just more of a random act.

Why Do Hamsters Poop On You?

If you’ve ever had them do it, then it’s natural to wonder what it means if your hamster poops on you.

One reason a hamster will poop on you is when they’re feeling stressed out about something.

Hamsters are prey animals so they can get very scared and stressed really often. So if they do poop on you it can mean that your hamster is feeling some level of stress while you’re interacting with them.

Hamsters can be nervous poopers, so as you are holding them if they start to feel scared of something they will poop on you.

This can happen especially when you bring them home for the first time and they’re not that used to you and their new environment yet.

So if you think that’s the reason why they’re doing it then you’ll want to try a few ways to get your hamster to calm down a little more.

However, in most cases, it usually doesn’t mean anything too bad though because hamsters just poop constantly. So when your hamster does poop on you it’s not like they’re trying to do it, they just poop randomly.

Hamsters don’t hold their poop in as a human would, but instead, they’ll let it go as soon as they feel the need to do it.

Is Hamster Poop Harmful To You?

When your hamster poops on you it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal because hamsters generally poop so much. However, you may start to wonder if hamster poop harmful to you.

When it comes to hamster poop being harmful to humans in most cases it’s usually not.

Hamster poop isn’t really that dangerous for humans to come in contact with, and it shouldn’t scare you that much if any of their poop does get on you at all.

However, there can be times when a hamster’s poop can be hazardous to humans though.

Hamster poop can carry a lot of bacteria within it which can be dangerous if you come in contact with it without being safe.

For example, their poop can carry bacteria like salmonella that can seriously affect your intestinal tract if you don’t go about handling their poop in a safe way.

That being said, if your hamster does poop on you it’s usually nothing to worry too much about though, as long as you’re taking the proper steps to be safe about it.

Preventing Your Hamster’s Poop From Harming You

When it comes to your hamster pooping on you, there is a really simple thing that you should always do to help prevent their poop from harming you.

The first thing that you should do to help stop their poop from harming you is to always wash your hands after you’re done playing with your hamster.

When you’re playing with your hamster there is a high chance that you will get pooped on and when that happens you’ll have to clean it off of you.

After you’re done wiping off and picking up the pieces of their poop off of you, the very next thing that you should do is wash your hands.

You’ll also need to wash your hands after you’re done cleaning their cage as well. The reason being that when you are cleaning out their cage you’ll most likely come into contact with some of their poop.

You should always wash your hands after cleaning their poop off you or after you’re done cleaning their cage.

The reason why you should always wash your hands after you have come into contact with their poop is so that none of the bacteria stays on your hands.

Don’t wash your hands with just water though, you need to use soap and water to get as much of the bacteria off of you as possible.

That way you can really help prevent your hamster’s poop from harming you.


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