Why Do Guinea Pigs Get The Zoomies?

Have you ever looked into your guinea pig’s cage while they run around and start to get the zoomies?

Sometimes you’ll see them take off and run around for a little bit, then they’ll stop and then start running really fast again.

It can seem like a strange behavior that they do every now and then, so why do guinea pigs get the zoomies?

The main reasons why a guinea pig can get the zoomies are when they’re happy, excited, trying to burn off some extra energy, and also when they’re glad that they have all of that extra space.

All guinea pigs are different but these are the most common reasons why they’ll get it.

However, at some point in their lives, they may stop doing it as often so this is something that can be fun to watch while they still do it.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Get The Zoomies?

If you have ever noticed that one of your guinea pigs runs around really fast, stops, and then starts running again then you’ve just seen them get the zoomies.

A lot of the time they will run around the items that are in their cage and can easily avoid them as well.

This can be a really cute thing to see but what can cause a guinea pig to sometimes get the zoomies?

The first and most common reason why a guinea pig can get the zoomies is when they’re just really happy.

Sometimes when a guinea pig is generally happy they’ll express it by running around their enclosure very fast and that can be really fun to watch them do.

So most of the time this is a good thing to see because it’s a great sign that they’re actually happy.

The second reason why a guinea pig will get the zoomies is when they’re excited about something.

You can tell that they’re doing this out of excitement because they’ll sometimes do it after they get something new or something that they like.

For example, this can be when they’re hungry and you fill up their food bowl, when you give them one of their favorite treats, and even when they get a new toy to play with as well.

The third reason that can make a guinea pig get the zoomies is when they’re trying to burn off some of the excess energy that they have.

So if they’re doing it for this reason, then you’re more likely to see this when they first wake up from a nap and sometimes when they just feel the need to get up and go.

Also, sometimes a guinea pig can just be glad that they have enough space to run around and do it.

Is It Normal For A Guinea Pig To Get The Zoomies?

You may look at this type of behavior that they display and wonder if it’s normal for a guinea pig to do.

Well, getting the zoomies is very normal for a guinea pig and most of the time it just means that they’re happy for one reason or another.

This is something that most guinea pigs will do throughout their lives and it can be really fun to watch.

They know their cage very well, so it’s normal for them to run around really fast without bumping into much except for maybe another guinea pig every now and then.

So if they do get the zoomies, then just know that it’s one of their normal behaviors and it’s usually nothing to worry too much about.

It’s even normal for one guinea pig to get excited or happy and get the zoomies and then cause another one to get it too.

So if your guinea pigs are doing this then it’s something that you should enjoy watching them do while you still can.

The reason why is because at some point they might stop getting the zoomies as much as they used to and you’ll start to see them do it less as time goes on.

Will Guinea Pigs Always Get The Zoomies?

Even though it’s fun to watch your guinea pig run around and get the zoomies, how long will that last?

So when they get the zoomies they will usually start for a few seconds and then stop for a few seconds, and then repeat that process over and over again.

Most of the time they will continue to do this until the excitement that they have runs out or they start to become tired.

So this is normally how most guinea pigs will do it, but will they always get the zoomies throughout their lives?

A lot of the time most guinea pigs will stop or won’t do it as much as they start to get a little older. Sometimes you’re likely to see your guinea pig start to do it less when they are around the age of two.

So this is one of those behaviors that you should enjoy seeing your guinea pigs do while they’re still young.

But just because they grow out of it as they start to grow up doesn’t mean that they are not happy anymore though.

Sometimes they just won’t like to do it anymore or won’t have the energy to run around like they used to so they’ll stop. This is completely normal for them because it’s just one of those behaviors that can go away after a while.

Do You Need To Do Anything When Your Guinea Pig Gets The Zoomies?

It’s natural to wonder if you need to do anything when your guinea pig starts to get the zoomies because it can seem like such an odd behavior.

However, usually, you won’t really need to do much for them when they start to act this way.

So if you see them doing it you can mainly just sit back and relax as your guinea pig runs around and burns off their extra energy and expresses their happiness.

Most of the time it should make you feel good when you see your guinea pigs do this too.

It can mean that you’re doing a great job as their owner and have a happy guinea pig that has enough energy to zoom around while being comfortable enough to enjoy themselves freely.


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