Why Do Hamsters Dig So Much?

Have you ever looked into your hamster’s cage and noticed that they’re digging a lot?

Sometimes they’ll dig in random places and other times they’ll be digging in one of the corners of their cage.

Either way, it seems like they’re digging very frequently. So why do hamsters dig so much? The main reasons why hamsters dig so much are:

  • They’re making a nest so that they can relax and nap in it.
  • Digging to create a place where they can pee.
  • They’re trying to cover up their pee.
  • They’re stressed out and not happy.
  • Digging to try to get out of their cage.
  • They’re just burrowing.

When it comes to hamsters and their digging habits, there are many reasons why they can do this and there are even things that you can try to get them to stop doing it as much.

Why Is My Hamster Digging So Much?

One of the reasons why hamsters dig so much is because they’re trying to make a nest. That nest that they’re trying to create is a place where they can potentially relax and sometimes go to sleep comfortably.

Most hamsters love small places because it makes them feel safe and secure.

So when you see them digging a lot it can mean that they’re trying to make a small nest that they can feel comfortable in.

Another reason that can cause a hamster to dig so much is when they’re trying to create a place where they can pee.

Hamsters can be very clean animals so they’ll usually pick a few spots where they can pee in that’s away from where they eat and sleep.

Along with creating a place where they can pee you’ll also see them digging a lot when they’re trying to cover up their pee as well.

So sometimes when you see a hamster digging they’re either making a place where they can pee or they’ve already peed and now they’re trying to cover it up.

Another reason why a hamster will dig so much is when they’re stressed out.

It can sometimes be hard to tell when a hamster is happy, but when they’re not happy they will do a lot of stress digging and they’ll usually do that in one of the corners of their cage.

In some cases when you see your hamster digging a lot it can mean that they’re trying to escape from their cage.

So if your hamster is feeling boxed in they might start to get stressed and that can cause them to want to dig so that they can leave their cage.

The last reason why a hamster will dig so much is that they’re just burrowing. It’s one of the natural instincts that they’re born wanting to do and it’s one of the main reasons why you’ll see them digging so much.

Is It Normal For A Hamster To Dig So Much?

When you see your hamster digging almost constantly it’s natural to wonder why they’re doing it so much, because sometimes it can even look like they’re trying to dig straight through their cage.

However, this is normal for them and it’s one of their many behaviors that have multiple meanings.

It’s something that they just enjoy doing often and also something that they’ll do when they’re starting to feel stressed out.

So because hamsters usually go through their day either happy, stressed out, or somewhere in between the two, that can cause them to want to dig a lot.

Those multiple meanings can make it slightly confusing for us owners as well.

So that’s why it’s very important to check if your hamster is showing any signs of stress or happiness while they’re digging. That way it’ll make it easier to figure out if they’re digging for good or bad reasons.

Will A Hamster Always Dig A Lot?

So it’s true that hamsters will dig a lot, but is this something that they will always do?

Well, hamsters are natural burrowers so in most cases, they will. They will usually have this natural urge to want to dig depending on how they’re feeling at the moment.

So they will mainly do it for one reason or another throughout their life and that’s perfectly fine because it’s just what they do.

However, hamsters are all different with their own personalities so some of them will stop digging so much as time goes on.

This usually happens as they get older and find other activities that they like to do to show that they’re happy or to relieve some of their stress.

So it’s natural for a hamster to always dig a lot, and it’s even natural for them to stop doing it as much depending on their personality and when what they like starts to change as they get older.

But if you want your hamster to stop digging sooner rather than later, then there are some things that you can try that might be able to get this done.

What You Can Try To Get Your Hamster To Stop Digging So Much

If you want to try to stop your hamster from digging so much for your own personal reasons, then there are some ways that you can do that.

The first thing that you can try is to add more bedding into their cage to stop them from digging just in one spot.

The best way to do this is to pile up more bedding for them to burrow and so that they can move their bedding to different parts of their cage.

That way all the new bedding well get them to explore other parts of their cage and that might help them break the habit.

The next thing that you can do is to give them more toys and stuff to do to keep them from digging out of boredom.

You can do that by giving them toys to chew on and tunnels that are made out of cardboard, like toilet paper rolls.

Those little tunnels can help make them feel safer and will also give them something to chew on when they feel like it.

You can also give them bigger things and toys that they can climb on and explore as well.

Another thing that you can try to get your hamster to stop digging so much is to give them some more time outside of their cage.

You can do this by putting them in a little playpen or in a safe closed-off room if they act a little more behaved. That way all that playtime will tire them out and they won’t have too much energy left over to dig so much.

Lastly, sometimes giving them a bigger cage can help them stop digging a lot as well.

That larger cage will give them more space to do other things that can help them take their mind off of digging.

So these are some really good ways that you can try to get them to stop digging all the time.

However, sometimes you won’t be able to fully stop a hamster from digging so much, and that’s okay. Digging a lot is something hamsters do naturally and it’s usually nothing to worry about.


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