Will A Guinea Pig’s Hair Grow Back: How Long Can That Take?

Guinea pigs can lose their hair for different reasons like if they got a bad haircut, if they’re scratching or biting too hard because they have mites, or if they have been injured and their skin starts to scar up.

Once you notice the hair loss it can seem like nothing is happening at the time, so will a guinea pig’s hair grow back?

A guinea pig’s hair will grow back and it usually takes about a month for it to start to look like it’s filling in properly.

That being said, the time it takes for a guinea pig’s hair to grow back depends on what caused them to lose their hair in the first place.

Each situation is different so sometimes you won’t have to do anything for it to grow back regularly and other times they may require some type of hair loss treatment.

Will A Guinea Pig’s Hair Grow Back?

When it comes to guinea pigs generally their hair grows back constantly throughout their lives and it still does even as they get older.

So for example, if your guinea pig recently got a haircut and they don’t look how you want them to look, then everything will be okay because their hair will grow back.

Guinea pigs can go through hair loss if they have mites that they’ve been scratching or biting at for a while.

So if it’s hair loss from something like that then you should get some good advice from a veterinarian on what kind of treatment you should do.

If the treatment is successful then after some time the hair should start growing back.

However, it will only start to grow back after all of the mites have been fully removed from the guinea pig.

Sometimes a guinea pig can lose some of its hair after an injury has taken place when it leaves a bald patch where the skin is scarred.

So if this happens and the scarring is too deep and the skin is too damaged then the hair may have a hard time growing back.

In some cases, the hair may not grow back at all if the skin is too damaged, so that’s definitely something to be prepared for.

If the scarring is not that deep then the hair should grow back, but it may grow a little slower than it regularly would.

So in most situations, a guinea pig’s hair will grow back as long as you give it some time to grow.

How Long Does It Take For Guinea Pig Hair To Grow Back?

So if it’s true that it will eventually grow back, then how long does it actually take for a guinea pig’s hair to grow back?

The time it takes for a guinea pig’s hair to grow back is usually about a month because it can grow anywhere from half an inch to an inch a month.

So if your guinea pig has gotten a bad haircut then you’ll notice that their hair will start to grow back within a few weeks.

But that’s just when you’ll see some growth though, it’ll start to look a lot more full after a little over a month has passed.

Time It Takes For A Guinea Pig’s Hair To Grow Back After Mites

If the hair loss is from mites then their hair will start growing back only after the mites are fully gone from the guinea pig.

Once it starts growing after the mites are fully gone, then what you’ll notice is that it should start growing at close to the regular pace that it would usually grow.

That’s usually a little over a month so it could take longer than if you were waiting for their hair to grow back after a bad haircut if you were comparing the two.

Time It Takes For A Guinea Pig’s Hair To Grow Back After An Injury

If your guinea pig was somehow injured and their skin has been scarred, then it will usually take a while for their hair to grow back.

The reason why is that you’ll be waiting for their skin to heal a little bit first before any growth starts to happen.

But once it starts to grow it should continue to grow at a regular pace unless the scarring was way too deep.

One thing to note though is that if their hair does not grow back after a significant amount of time has passed for any reason, then it may be time to get some advice from a veterinarian.

They’ll be able to help figure out what’s causing their hair to not grow back properly and might be able to offer some type of treatment for them.

Will A Guinea Pig’s Hair Easily Grow Back?

Guinea pigs can lose their hair for many different reasons but luckily they usually are able to grow their hair back easily.

Their hair usually grows back at a constant pace so even when something caused them to lose some of their hair most of the time it can still grow back.

It’s common for guinea pigs to lose their hair on their:

  • Nose.
  • Back.
  • Sides.
  • Belly.
  • Butt.

So their hair loss is definitely well-documented which means that when it does happen there are usually ways to correct it.

Hair loss happens from time to time, so when it does you shouldn’t worry too much because most of the time their hair can easily grow back.

Getting Your Guinea Pig’s Hair To Grow Back

Most of the time when it comes to guinea pigs getting their hair to grow back quicker than it regularly grows might not be something that you can do all the time.

It will grow back at the speed that it always does and will grow without you needing to do much as well.

That being said, one of the only times that you’ll have to take action for their hair growth is when something is wrong with your guinea pig.

So for example, if that’s the situation that you’re in then you can try some guinea pig hair loss treatments that a veterinarian advises you on.

This especially goes for if they have mites that they’ve been biting or scratching at or if any scarring occurs after an injury has happened.

The advice on hair loss treatment that you can get from the vet can usually help the growing process go smoother and quicker than if you were to do nothing about the situation.

So mainly when it comes to getting your guinea pig’s hair to grow back you just need to give it some time.

It’ll usually take around a month to grow back if they’re not going through any health issues at the time.

So if you know that they’re healthy then all you would have to do is have a little bit of patience and take comfort in the fact that your guinea pig’s hair will grow back.


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