9 Ways To Tell That Your Hamster Likes You

It can be a struggle to tell if your hamster likes you or not sometimes because of how they act.

Mainly because hamsters can show many different types of behaviors that mean something different depending on the situation that they’re in.

So because of that, I looked into some of the different ways that’ll help fellow hamster owners with knowing if their hamster likes them or not.

That way it’ll be easier to figure out if your hamster actually likes you or if they’re showing a certain behavior for an entirely different reason.

A Hamster That Likes You Will Show Off For You

The first way that you can tell that your hamster likes you is if they show off for you every now and then.

Sometimes a hamster will start showing off as soon as they notice that you’re watching them or when you come around their cage in general. Most of the time what they’ll try to do is show you what makes them happy.

It almost seems like they’re proud of what they can do and because they like you they want to impress you.

Hamsters don’t show off only in one way though, they can try to impress you in many different ways.

For example, they will play with some of the different toys that they usually don’t play with right in front of you, or they’ll start running on their exercise wheel a little too much or slightly faster.

So basically what you’ll see as soon as you’re near their cage is them starting to run around and play a lot more than they usually do.

Also, the time that you spend near your hamster can make them happier and like you even more.

Your Hamster Will Try To Get Your Attention If They Like You

Another way that a hamster can show that they like you is if you notice that they try to get your attention a lot.

So you can tell that they have a liking for you if they willingly come up to you often.

Sometimes if a hamster really likes you and enjoys being around you they will even try to initiate contact with you first.

So when you walk by them or put your hand in their cage, what you’ll usually see is that they’ll come up to you and try to play with you or just interact with you in general.

Even though they don’t quite understand what you’re saying if a hamster really likes you and they’re comfortable with you they will even start looking for you as soon as they can hear your voice.

One example of them coming up to you and trying to get your attention is if you let them have some playtime out of their cage and they still come back to you every now and then.

That way they can come back over to you so that they can feel comfortable and also so that they can check on you and see if you’re still there.

Your Hamster Will Stick Around After You Give Them A Treat

When a hamster likes you, a lot of the time they’ll stick around after you give them one of their favorite treats directly from your hand.

Hamsters can be really curious animals and that’s natural for them, but they only come up to and explore something when they feel comfortable enough to do it.

That’s why when they take treats from your hand that can show that they’re starting to like you or at least starting to feel comfortable coming up to you.

But taking a treat from your hand and sticking around to eat it while you’re around them can be a sign that your hamster likes you and also really trusts you, which is even better.

So if your hamster sees that you have one of their favorite treats in your hand while your hand is near their cage or in it, and then they come up to you and take it from you, then that’s a good thing.

But it’s a really good sign if they take treats or food from you and sit near you while they eat it.

It can mean that they like having you around and feel comfortable with you near them while they eat their little snack.

A Hamster That Likes You Will Stretch And Yawn Around You

If a hamster starts stretching and yawning while you’re around them then that can be a good sign that they like you.

This is something that you’ll usually see while you’re near them or holding them and only after they’ve gotten used to you.

The main reason why a hamster stretching and yawning can mean that they like you is that it shows that they feel comfortable enough and vulnerable enough around you to do it.

Hamsters won’t show this much vulnerability around you unless they really like you and trust you a lot.

It’s also a really good way to tell that your hamster is just generally happy as well.

However, stretching and yawning can have multiple meanings for them, and sometimes it can even be difficult to tell when your hamster is happy and likes you too.

So one way to know that this means that they’re happy and like you are when they both stretch and yawn around the same time while you’re around them without showing that many signs of stress.

A Hamster That Likes You Might Respond Well To Being Petted

Some hamsters that like you enough will be fine with you to petting, cuddling, or just holding them in general.

So what you’ll notice is that it’ll be easier to pick them up and pet them while you’re holding them in your hands.

As you’re cuddling them and giving them some attention you’ll also see that they won’t try to get away from you while you’re doing it as well.

Even though this isn’t a usual experience for most owners, some hamsters can even start to drift off into sleep while they’re being held too.

Hamsters only display these kinds of behaviors after they’ve really gotten used to you though.

So if they do that then it shows that they like you and feel very comfortable around you.

If this isn’t your experience with your hamster then that’s fine too. Just because your hamster doesn’t like being petted or held that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you.

You have to remember that all hamsters are different with their own special personalities, so some of them won’t like activities like being held while others might really enjoy it every now and then.

It’ll Be Easier To Calm Your Hamster Down If They Like You

Another thing that you’ll notice about a hamster that likes you is that it will be easier to calm them down.

Hamsters are prey animals, so they can get scared easily especially when something is bigger than them, like their owners.

So if it’s easier for you to calm your hamster down when they’re stressed then that can tell you that they trust you and don’t think of you as a threat, which usually means that they’re starting to like you a lot.

You can usually tell that this is happening if you speak to them and handle them softly and then that starts to relax them a little bit.

Only a hamster that really likes you will respond to you that well when you’re doing that for them.

There are also a lot of other ways to keep your hamster calm that can help them like you even more as well.

Your Hamster Won’t Try To Avoid You

When a hamster likes you you’ll notice that they won’t try to avoid you as much as they used to do when you first brought them home.

They won’t be as standoffish as they were before, but instead, they’ll gravitate towards you a lot more often.

For example, running away and hiding is normal for a hamster that you’ve just brought home for the first time, but when they start to like you you’ll notice that they stick around a lot more when you’re near them.

Hamsters try to naturally avoid predators and what they think are predators.

So if they don’t actively try to avoid you then this can be a really good sign. It can mean that they like you, trust you, and feel very safe around you.

A Hamster That Likes You Can Be Tamer

You can tell that your hamster is starting to like you if they act a lot more tamed while they’re around you.

They’ll be relaxed enough while you’re near them to continue playing and doing some of their other normal activities.

They may even sit still when you’re close to them as well and they won’t feel threatened enough to bite you when your hand is near them.

There are many ways to know if your hamster is tamed and different levels of being tame for them too.

Depending on their personality, a hamster that’s very tamed and really likes you will feel comfortable with you picking them up and touching them somewhat.

But a hamster that’s only been a little tamed might just not be afraid of you as much, and that’s fine too.

Either way, if your hamster is only a little tamed or very tamed, both can show that they like you to a certain degree.

You’ll Notice Your Hamster Won’t Show Too Many Signs Of Stress

If your hamster likes you then you’ll notice that they won’t show too many signs of stress when you come around them.

For example, when you come really close to your hamster you won’t see them flinch or chatter their teeth.

They also won’t be aggressive with you when you try to play with them or interact with them.

So that means that you can tell that they don’t like you when they act scared around you and try to run away as soon as they see you.

Hamsters can get stressed easily and there are a lot of ways to tell when your hamster is stressed.

But if you don’t see them display these types of behaviors when you’re near them, then it’s a good sign that your hamster likes you.


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