Are Nylabones Really That Safe For Rats?

Most pet rat owners would agree that their little ones love to chew on almost anything.

It’s for that reason that we like to give them some different stuff that they can try chewing on.

One of the things that some pet rat owners give them is nylabones. A lot of them seem to really like it but are nylabones actually safe for rats?

Nylabones are safe for rats as long as they are edible while also being low in fat and protein.

There are many different types of nylabones that are available though, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right ones for your rats.

Are Nylabones Safe For Rats?

If you keep rats as pets and wanted to try to give them nylabones, the first question most people would have is are nylabones safe for rats.

Generally, nylabones are safe to give to your rats for them to chew on as long as you make sure you’re giving them the right ones that are edible.

A lot of owners do give them to their little pets and sometimes they’ll even give actual dog bones to them too and they actually really love both of them.

What you’ll usually see when you give them to your pet rats, is them chewing on it and moving it all around their enclosure as they have their fun with it.

So nylabones can be a really great and tasty chew toy for your rats, but only when they get the ones that are actually right for them.

Which Type Of Nylabones Are Safe For Rats?

Most nylabones are safe for rats, however, there are some types that are not that you should avoid.

Sometimes when rats gnaw on certain things they ingest what they’re chewing on.

So it is for that reason that you should stay away from getting the nylabones that are made out of plastic.

There are also other types of nylabones that are made with materials that you should avoid including:

  • Nylon.
  • Hard and soft plastic.
  • Rubber.

All of the nylabones that are made with these materials can be really bad for your pet rats and their digestion if it does get ingested.

So if you wanted to try nylabones out, never choose the ones that are made with those materials and stick to the ones that are edible.

What Kind Of Nylabones Can Rats Have?

Now that you are aware of the ones that they shouldn’t have, let’s talk about the nylabones that they actually can have.

When you’re looking for nylabones to give to your pet rats make sure you’re getting the healthy ones that have edible on the label.

The healthy edible ones are great for them to chew on and it’s not that big of a deal if they do ingest some of it.

You’ll also want to make sure to check and see if the nylabones are low in fat and protein.

Pet rats don’t need any extra fat in their diet and they especially don’t need any extra protein because it can cause them to get scabs from itching too much.

So to be safe, only get the nylabones that are edible and healthy and also low in fat and protein.

The safe ones come in all kinds of different flavors. So there’s a lot of different nylabones like this variety pack on Amazon that you can try to see if your pet rat likes it.

How Many Nylabones Should You Give Your Pet Rats?

When it comes to how many nylabones you should give to them, it really depends on how many rats you have.

The more pet rats that you have means the more nylabones that you can give them.

This is especially the case if the nylabones that you get for your pet rats are the smaller kind.

You can put a few of them in their cage that way you make sure you have enough of the nylabones to go around.

Sometimes one big nylabone just isn’t enough because if you have more than a few rats, it can cause your rats to non-aggressively fight or playfight with each other.

To avoid that from happening you can simply get the right amount of nylabones that are also the appropriate size for your pet rats to play with.

How Often Can You Give Your Pet Rats Nylabones?

If you have nylabones and you’re ready to put them in your pet rats’ enclosure, you’ll want to know how often you can put them in there.

Generally, you should only give your little pets nylabones every now and then.

You can give it to them on special occasions. So you can think about it like if it were a treat and give it to them every so often.

That way they don’t get too bored with them and it can be like a special activity that they get to do.

Some pet rats really like nylabones, so if you think that yours would don’t hesitate to let them try it out.


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