Can Rats Really Eat Dog Bones?

Some pet rat owners keep dogs in their house and have bones for them that they love to chew on.

Well, rats love to chew on things too. So have you ever thought about giving your rats dog bones to chew on and eat? Can rats actually chew on or eat dog bones?

Rats can chew on and eat dog bones and they really like to do it. However, you have to make sure you’re getting the right kind of dog bones for your rats because some of them are not safe for rats to consume.

So as long as you give them the right type of dog bones it can be a really great new experience for them to try.

Can Rats Chew On And Eat Dog Bones?

Rats love to chew on almost anything. So if you have rats but also keep dogs as pets you may have extra dog bones lying around.

That can lead you to wonder if your rats can use those dog bones to chew on and eat.

The good news is that pet rats can and they actually really like to do it as an activity.

Dog bones can provide a great way for them to satisfy their natural urge to chew on things almost the same way nylabones can.

That being said, some dog bones are safe to eat and really good for rats, while some of them are not and should be avoided.

Are Dog Bones Safe For Rats?

There are a lot of different kinds of dog bones available and some of them are safe for rats to eat and chew on, but some of them are not.

So if you already have dog bones available or have your eye on some at the pet store, you’ll want to know which ones to avoid getting for your rats.

So when it comes to giving them to your rats you’ll want to stay away from dog bones that:

  • Have rawhide.
  • Are made with pig ears.
  • Have any dyes.

Those kinds of dog bones aren’t safe for rats and it’s best if you steer clear from them. The ones that are really plain are the safest ones for your rats to have.

You’ll want to give them bones that don’t contain too many added ingredients like this really cheap one on Amazon that’s natural and free from preservatives.

Are Dog Bones Good For Rats?

Dog bones are really good for rats because it gives them something tasty to chew on while still helping them file down their teeth.

Just like nylabones, it’s a great alternative to some of their other chew toys because it helps fulfill their urge to chew and some of them even have an enticing smell to rats.

The only times when dog bones are bad for them are when they contain non-safe ingredients like any dyes or rawhide.

What Are The Benefits From Eating Dog Bones?

When it comes to the benefits that dog bones can provide for rats, there are a couple.

The obvious main benefit is that it helps them wear down their teeth as they chew it.

Because rat’s teeth never stop growing, they sometimes need something to help them keep their teeth at a good size.

And dog bones are a great way for them to achieve that. The other benefit is the bone marrow that they can get from it.

Even if they only get to have a little bit of it, it can still be a good source of nutrition for them.

What Nutrients Does It Contain?

The nutrients that the dog bones contain can actually be really good for pet rats.

These bones can contain a good source of calcium and phosphorus. The calcium can help with bone health as well as muscle health.

While the phosphorus can really help with teeth and the repairing of tissues and cells.

So that makes it a really good nutritious treat that can also double as a decent chew toy for them.

How Often Can Rats Have Dog Bones?

If you’re thinking about putting a dog bone in their cage for them to eat and chew on you’ll want to know how often they can have it.

Because dog bones can come in different sizes it can take a while for some rats to eat and chew through them.

So generally the smaller bones can be left in their cage until your rats finish with it or become bored and stop using it.

The bigger bones can be left in their cage for a while as well as long as they’re actively chewing on it.

Once you notice that they stop interacting with the bones then you can take it out and try replacing it.

You can replace the bones with the same kind of bone, or try another bone that is also safe for them.

Putting Dog Bones In Their Cage

When you’re putting the dog bone in their enclosure for them to eat, you can just place it anywhere there is a decent amount of space.

That way when your rats are chewing on it and moving it around it won’t get in the way of some of their other toys or wheels.

As long as your rats are regularly chewing for interacting with it then you can leave it in their cage.

However, If the bone ever starts to become soggy or smelly while it’s in there and you’ll want to remove it from their cage.

So if you were thinking about letting your rats have dog bones just know that you should only give them the ones that are safe.

That way it’s safe for them to eat a little bit of it while still being a great chew toy for them to file down their teeth with.


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