Best Pocket Pets For Cuddling


The best feeling in the world is when your little furry baby wants to snuggle with you! All pets are fun to play with, and many are awesome to talk to, but there are not all that many that are actually fun to cuddle with.

Dogs like to cuddle, but those large dogs are really past the point of being lap dogs. Some cats are so standoffish that cuddles are not in their dictionary. Other pets may be fun to watch but are not soft and cuddly.

Keep one important fact in mind now, not all cuddly pets are limited to cats and dogs. There is a wide variety of other animals that are considered pets that love to be held and cuddled. When people consider small pets, they generally have a tendency to think of fish, and birds, such as parakeets, frogs or lizards, there are many other small size pets that qualify as small, cuddly pets.



Hamsters are small, naturally fun little creatures. Surprisingly, they can form a bond with the human and enjoy cuddle time. Hamsters are fun and extremely affectionate. They seem to love a good dose of cuddle time and attention.

Hamsters are one of the most popular pocket-sized pets. Caring for them is rather easy. They need a large cage so they have room to run, food that is appropriate for the species and obviously they like attention.

Oddly, most owners do not spend the time holding and loving their hamsters. Small children do need supervision when holding a hamster, to prevent any injuries.



While ferrets are not necessarily pocket-sized pets, they are still small and do love to receive attention. The ferret is very active and loves to play. When the ferret is done playing and is worn out, he or she certainly loves to be held and cuddled for a short nap.

One thing to remember though is that the ferret needs a partner. When you adopt a ferret, be sure to get two right away. You will certainly be able to get twice the love. Ferrets are funny animals, they love to be social.

If you work on training them from the time they are small, they will become the best cuddlers you have seen. As playful as these critters are, even when they are worn out, they may not choose to lay still for a long period of time.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig

It seems most people agree, that Guinea pigs were meant to be cuddled. Guinea pigs also love attention. However, remember that guinea pigs need a larger habitat to live in as they can tend to be active.

Guinea pigs love to be held in your lap, and when your guinea pig is happy, you will hear him or her trill. This will only happen when a guinea pig is happy. They do make other sounds, however, those mean different things.

A guinea pig is similar in affection to a rabbit. In other words, the guinea pig craves attention and will not be completely happy unless it receives daily snuggles with you.


Chinchilla Bathe

Chinchillas are known as a nontraditional pet. Until recently, that is. The fur on a chinchilla makes you want to cuddle. The fur is super soft and dense. The chinchilla combines the fun of a cat or dog, with the cuteness of a hamster and the playful attitude all on its own.

Chinchillas always seem to be happy, more when they are getting love from you. These adorable pets also have a keen sense of intuition.

Chinchillas need to learn from a very young age that it is okay to bond with you. Spending the time to talk to, pet and take care of the chinchilla is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.



Rabbits have been around for generations. Originally as the wild animal, we see in our yards, then they became popular as pets. A rabbit is soft and cuddly, yet can be fragile. Care must be taken when there are young children around.

Rabbits are another animal that does best in pairs. Both rabbits should be spayed to prevent any issues.

Due to instinct, some rabbits may take longer to bond with than others. Be patient and continue to show love all the time. Taking care of a rabbit takes no more time than it would for a cat or a dog. The rabbit needs a proper diet, and room to move around and have fun.

The reward, when you start with young bunnies, is the time spent together with your rabbit in your lap, or sitting next to you and cuddling.

Small or Toy Dogs


The Shitzu, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Maltese and the Pomeranian are just a few of the small dogs that love to cuddle and snuggle up tight with you. You do need to remember that the snuggle factor varies by breed and if you have small children, you will need to find one that also handles children very well.

Simply, dogs love to have cuddles, they love attention and are always right there when you arrive home from a day of work. There are times that a dog will seem to be your shadow and follows you everywhere.

These toy breeds can even sometimes get tangles up between your legs as you are walking, so care must be taken to be sure they are out of the way as you walk.

The toy breeds love to sit next to you and watch a good television show. They love to watch you as you eat. It is safe to say that these little dogs want to be and do everything you do. They love attention for the most part.

Dwarf Breed Cats


Cats have received a bad rap. It seems most people believe that cats are standoffish and prefer to be alone. This is actually far from the truth. While the cat in your life may not bond with each person in the home, they do love to be held and cuddled. Sometimes, they may even surprise you by cuddling next to you when you least expect it, or with a person, they did not seem to like.

The Persian, Siamese and Ragdoll breeds seem to be the most affectionate of felines. However, again, each breed varies and the love it gives will also vary.

Cats are true to the old adage of ‘Receive what you give’. In other words, when a cat feels the love from a human, it will naturally give the love back. A sure sign of this love includes ‘kneading’ and purring. When you have either or both of these, you have the world.

Bearded Dragons or Lizards


You will find many humans who may be horrified at the thought of cuddling with a bearded dragon or with lizards. These creatures need and want love and attention also.

The bearded dragon rather enjoys it when the owner sets him on their shoulder and walks with them or just sits down and pets them. These are quite docile reptiles. Bearded dragons do not mind being handled by humans, for that fact, most lizards and bearded dragons, when trained at a young age, do not mind being held or handled by a human.

The leopard gecko is slightly smaller than a bearded dragon, which, for some, makes it easier to care for. The bearded Dragon is known for being a loving reptile, quite affectionate. The bearded dragon will communicate with you via body language and seem to be quite expressive at times.

Bearded dragons have a little dance move they do, which they use to let others know that they mean no harm to them. When you are witness to this little dance move, be sure to let the bearded dragon know that you mean no harm to it either. The bearded dragon will also remember who you are. They will recognize your face and react when they see you approaching them.

There are plenty of pocket-sized pets that enjoy being loved and cuddled. Some may take training from an early age to be used to being held and cuddled. Many of these other pocket pets also love to be held, talked to and cuddled.

Most of these smaller animals require a low amount of maintenance, a proper diet and attention. Most critters that are chosen as pets will begin to recognize the hand that feeds them. They will recognize your face as well and most will react positively when they see you coming toward them.

Smaller pets are one of the greatest joys in life. The smaller pocket-sized pets are the perfect pet for those that may live in a small apartment or tiny house. These animals thrive when they are taken care of, given attention and played with. These types of pets are generally low maintenance and will give love back to you on a grand scale.

There is literally a pet for any person. Pets bring a sense of peace, serenity and a whole lot of enjoyment. As always, be sure that you have a veterinarian for your pet that is trained in how to care for the pet you have chosen.

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