Can Gerbils Climb Up Rope?

Gerbils have a lot of energy and love to find different ways to expend that energy. So a rope toy can seem like a great way for them to exercise and play.

Gerbils are naturally curious and will usually come up to the rope to see what it is. But can gerbils climb up the rope if you put one in their cage?

Most gerbils will not be able to fully climb up a rope because it’s very hard for them to pull themselves straight up and there’s not a lot of places where they’re able to grip it.

Sometimes rope can be dangerous for gerbils to have as well, but luckily there are other toys that they like that they can climb.

Can Gerbils Climb Rope?

When it comes to climbing up a rope, gerbils can have a really hard time doing it.

They usually find it hard to climb up anything vertically unless what they’re climbing has places where they are able to grip it easily.

One of the main reasons why gerbils can find it difficult to climb up a rope is their body type. Their body type just isn’t meant to be able to climb up most surfaces that go straight up.

Especially when the surface that they’re trying to climb doesn’t allow them to cling to it.

However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to climb it out of curiosity every now and then if there is one in their cage.

They’re most likely more interested in playing with it and trying to figure out what it is than climbing it.

So if you did put a rope in their cage a gerbil might try to climb it, but what they’ll mainly do is chew on it.

Gerbils love to chew on everything, and when it comes to a rope that can actually be a bad thing.

Why Some Rope Toys Can Be Dangerous For Gerbils

Rope toys can actually be very dangerous for gerbils. One reason why it can be bad for gerbils is that most of the rope available is very fibrous.

Any fibrous rope can be dangerous for gerbils because it can get tangled around their limbs.

It can also get tangled in between their toes as well. If it does get tangled around their limbs or in between their toes for too long, that can cause them to need to have an amputation done.

Another reason why rope can be dangerous for gerbils is that they love to chew, and sometimes they accidentally ingest what they’re chewing on.

Accidentally ingesting some of the rope can create blockages and that over time can lead to their death.

Those two reasons are why rope can be hazardous for our little pets and it’s not recommended that you put one in their cage.

Remember, just because something is marketed and sold for small pets, doesn’t mean it’s actually safe for them to use all of the time.

Are Gerbils Even Good At Climbing?

Gerbils are actually really decent climbers and like to go up most things, especially when they’re trying to get up to a higher spot so that they can take a look at their surroundings.

It can make them feel more comfortable with the environment that they’re in.

However, when it comes to what they’re good at climbing on it depends on how the surface is.

They won’t be able to climb up vertical objects too well because it’ll be hard to pull themselves up.

That being said, one thing that they’re really good at climbing up that is vertical is a wire cage.

The reason being that the wire cages provide a lot of different places where they can easily grip the bars and climb up. What gerbils are really good at is climbing up things that are at a slight angle though.

So that means that objects that are at an angle like most mesh ladders are easy for them to climb up and down without too much trouble.

What Other Things Can Gerbils Climb?

As it turns out gerbils don’t do too well when it comes to climbing up a rope, and the rope can be very dangerous to put in their cage for them as well.

So what are some other toys that can they have that they’re able to climb on?

Other things that gerbils can and like to climb on are:

  • Vertical tubes.
  • Small wooden ladders.
  • Mesh ladders.

Vertical Tubes

One of the toys that they are able to climb up and through are vertical tubes.

The main reason why gerbils are able to climb up vertical tubes but not up a rope is that the tubes have spots inside of it where they are able to easily grip and climb up it.

However, most of the tubes that are available are made out of hard plastic and gerbils can and will chew on the plastic.

So if you do decide to put some tubes in their cage you’ll have to monitor them to make sure that they’re not chewing on them too much.

Small Wooden Ladders

Another toy that gerbils really like and have fun climbing up are small wooden ladders.

The space between the bars on the ladder is usually small enough for a gerbil to easily climb up it.

These types of small ladders can be found in most pet stores but they’re not usually in the small pet section though.

They’re mainly found in the bird section of the store and are made out of mostly all wood so it’s a very safe option for gerbils.

Mesh Ladders

Gerbils can also climb up mesh ladders that lead up to a second level in their enclosure. The mesh ladders are included with most tank toppers.

If you want your gerbils to be able to climb up something and you keep them in a tank, this is a really great option.

So gerbils have a hard time climbing up most ropes and it’s not recommended to put one in their cage.

The good thing is that doesn’t mean you don’t have other really great and safe options for them to climb on.


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