Can Guinea Pigs Really See What’s On Screens?

Most of us these days spend a lot of time watching all kinds of content on our phones and TV. Sometimes we can leave the TV on all day without a second thought.

If you spend time with your guinea pigs while the TV is on sometimes you’ll notice them paying attention to the screen like they know what’s going.

The same way they seem interested in the TV can also happen if you’re watching videos on your phone with your guinea pigs too. They seem very interested in what’s going on and sometimes will sit very still while watching.

So, can guinea pigs really see what’s on the phone or TV screens? While guinea pigs may seem interested in what’s happening on the phone or TV screen, they won’t really understand what’s going on. They mainly see and are attracted to all the motion and lights.

It’s pretty common for them to do this and it can be a great opportunity for you and your guinea pigs to bond and for them to also build trust with you.

If you’re interested, I go more in-depth about how much they like it and how safe it is in this article.

Can Guinea Pigs See What’s on Phone Screens?

Given the way phones have become a significant part of our lives, the question can guinea pigs see what’s on phone screens is a valid question. Most people use their phones to do more than just talk on the phone.

These days most of us use our phones to look at hours of content and if your guinea pigs are around you, then sometimes it seems like they’re interested in what’s on the phone too.

All of the lights and motion on the phone screen isn’t really dangerous for them to see, but it will attract a lot of the guinea pigs’ attention.

While guinea pigs can’t see something like infrared light, they can see the light from your phone screen and will be attracted to it whenever you turn it on.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to see the details of what’s on the screen.

They’ll just watch the lights move and notice all the motion on the phone screen.

Can Guinea Pigs Watch TV?

The question can guinea pigs watch tv may have crossed your mind a few times. The quick answer is yes, although they obviously don’t understand what’s happening on the screen.

Guinea pigs love to watch tv once they are used to the home, and they feel safe.

They don’t usually do that on their own but will sit with their owners when they’re watching TV.

If you have a strong bond with your guinea pig, then you’ll notice that every time you sit to watch, they’ll come on your lap and watch with you.

You may even see your guinea pig looking at you when you change the channel.

They may not understand what’s going on or follow the programs you’re watching, but they can see the pictures and motions.

Watching TV with your guinea pigs provides you with an opportunity for a good bonding experience.

They’ll sit comfortably on your lap, and you can pet them to make them feel more comfortable.

However, just because they can watch TV doesn’t mean you should neglect other activities. They still need exercise which means you should spare time to take them outside.

Do Guinea Pigs Like to Watch TV?

Guinea pigs are very smart. They tend to hide away from anything they don’t like.

Sometimes they may sneak in a dark corner when you’re watching TV, and other times they’ll join you and watch with you.

Most guinea pig owners have reported that their pets really do enjoy watching TV.

If yours doesn’t watch with you, it’s just a matter of time before they start. It could be that they are still anxious, or they’re not used to having you around yet.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that the more comfortable they feel, the more they’ll watch TV with you. Just don’t force the situation and let it happen naturally, patience is key.

Can Guinea Pigs Understand What Happens on the Phone or TV?

If you have seen your guinea pig pay attention to your TV while it’s on, then you’ve probably wondered if they understand what’s going on.

Even with how smart guinea pigs are, they can’t follow what’s on the screen.

They will see the colors, motion, and hear the sounds, but chances are they will still not understand what’s going on there.

The flickering lights and the sounds may amuse your guinea pigs, and that’s why they’ll sit with their heads towards the TV, but that’s as far as it goes.

If they’re sitting on your lap, then they could be enjoying spending time being close to you more than they are enjoying what’s going on on the TV.

Remember that some scenes on the TV may make them uneasy. Some guinea pigs react to loud sounds or sudden banging sounds by getting anxious and hiding.

So if your guinea pig joins you for TV time, try not to watch action movies or anything too loud that could scare them.

Can Looking at a TV or a Phone Screen Hurt Guinea Pigs’ Eyes?

No. There haven’t been any reports regarding the adverse effects that watching TV can bring to their eyesight.

Guinea pigs don’t rely on their eyesight as much as they do with their other senses.

That’s why they are capable of finding their way in the dark, primarily when they are used to their surrounding.

The fact that the guinea pig’s eyes are located on the side means they don’t get blurred vision when they turn their heads, but it doesn’t allow them to perceive things.

This would make it hard to see what’s going on with the TV. It’s also part of the reason why the screen cannot harm their eyes.

The TV and light from a phone screen won’t hurt their eyes as long as you remember to balance out screen time.


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