Can Guinea Pigs Ride In Cars?

If you keep guinea pigs as pets then you may have to take them with you somewhere, like if you need to go to the vet or run errands.

That can be a totally new and scary experience for them sometimes, so can guinea pigs ride in the car with you?

Guinea pigs can go for short rides in the car as well as long ones if you need to take them with you. But you do have to take some safety measures before they’re able to comfortably and safely travel with you.

So if you were thinking about having your guinea pigs ride in the car with you then you’ll need to make sure that they have everything that they need before they go.

Can Guinea Pigs Ride In Cars?

As a pet guinea pig owner sometimes there can be situations where you’ll have to take them with you if you’re going somewhere.

This is especially the case if you need to take them to the vet or if you live an on-the-go lifestyle.

Thankfully though, guinea pigs can ride in cars if you need to have them with you while you travel.

But even though you can take them with you that doesn’t mean that all guinea pigs will want to go for a ride in the car all the time.

Each guinea pig is different and some might not like car rides, however, most of them will do well in that type of situation.

So if you need to do something like take them to the vet then they’ll be okay throughout the ride.

However, guinea pigs do get scared easily so that’s something to look out for especially if it’s their first time riding in a car and it’s a new experience for them.

But even though it can be a scary experience for guinea pigs, it’s still something that you can do as long as you’re going about it in a safe way.

So if you were thinking about bringing them along with you, then don’t be afraid to take your guinea pigs for a car ride if you have to do that, because they’ll be just fine.

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Ride In The Car?

When bringing your guinea pigs along for the ride it’s natural to wonder how long of a ride they can handle.

But guinea pigs should be fine with extended car rides even if the ride lasts for a long time, like a 3-hour car ride.

That means that they’ll also be okay if they have to be in the car for a short amount of time as well.

But that’s only if they’re kept calm and they also have all of the things that they need with them while they’re in the car.

If they don’t have the things that they need to keep them safe, calm, and busy, then the ride can definitely stress them out.

So if you know you don’t have something like a good travel carrier or extra food for the road, then you may want to hold off until you have those items.

So for example, if you don’t have a travel carrier for them but you need to take them to the vet to get some information then you shouldn’t risk taking them along with you because it wouldn’t be safe.

You should instead consult an online veterinarian in the meantime, that way you can easily get your questions answered while you wait for the items that you need to be able to travel safely with them.

So if you need to take your guinea pigs along with you then you can rest assured that they’ll be okay with short and long car rides.

That being said though, they’ll definitely need more than a few things each time they travel with you.

What Do Guinea Pigs Need To Be Able To Ride In A Car?

So guinea pigs can go for a ride in the car, but is there anything special that you need for them to be able to go?

The first and most important thing that you’ll need for them to be able to ride in the car is a travel carrier that’s good for guinea pigs.

One thing to note though is that the more guinea pigs that you have along for the ride mean that you’ll need a bigger travel carrier to accommodate them.

And when you do have them in the travel carrier always make sure to strap them in for their safety.

Another thing that they’ll need for the car ride is blankets and towels that they can hide and nest in if they become too stressed out.

You can also bring an extra blanket to cover most of their cage if you’re concerned that your guinea pigs will start stressing out as well.

The reason why is that being in the dark can be slightly more comfortable for them during stressful times.

Guinea pigs are always eating their food and drinking their water when they’re at home in their cage. So another thing that they’ll need while they’re riding in the car is a food and water source.

For their source of food, you can just bring what you would normally feed them if it’s a longer ride, and for a short ride, they’ll be okay with some hay or treats.

Their source of water can come from something like cucumbers that they can eat if they get thirsty and this can be essential if the ride is long and they don’t have access to a water bottle.

So when it comes down to it, guinea pigs generally need some of the same things for short rides as they will for long rides.

They’ll just have to have more of the items that they need if the ride is a longer one that way you’re being as safe as possible.

Safety Is Important When Your Guinea Pigs Ride In The Car

You should always try to be as safe as you possibly can when you have your guinea pigs ride in the car with you.

So one of the first things that you have to look out for when you’re doing this is the temperature outside.

What that means is that if you know that it’s way too cold outside then you should let your car warm up before you put your guinea pigs in it.

The same goes for if it’s summertime and it’s really hot outside, you should have the AC on that way you lessen the chance that they overheat.

But if you know that the temperature outside isn’t too hot or too cold for them then you won’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature within the car.

Another thing that you’ll have to look out for with your guinea pigs in the car is how you’re driving.

You should try your best to drive a little smoother when you have them with you so they don’t slide around in the travel carrier too much.

So while you’re driving with them in the car pay attention to how you’re accelerating, braking, and taking turns.

Suddenly accelerating or braking can really stress them out and taking a turn too sharply can do that as well.

So guinea pigs can go for a ride in the car and it may even be something that they enjoy, but just make sure that you’re being safe about it.


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