Can You Vacuum Guinea Pig Poop

One of the reasons guinea pigs make great pets for a lot of people is that they don’t require too much maintenance and anyone can easily manage them.

However, one thing pet guinea pig owners know is that they poop a lot which means it takes a little more effort to clean their cages.

The guinea pigs themselves are easy to look after, but sometimes cleaning up all of their poop can be slightly time-consuming. There has to be a quicker way. So, can you vacuum guinea pig poop?

Yes, you can use a vacuum to clean up guinea pig poop. Using a vacuum to clean up guinea pig poop from their cage is quicker and more convenient than trying to do it with your hands. There are even vacuums made specifically with small pets in mind.

Along with this, there are also some other questions related to vacuums and guinea pigs that some people would wonder about, especially if you’re new to keeping guinea pigs as pets.

Can You Vacuum Guinea Pig Poop In Their Cage?

Well, the simple answer is yes, you can vacuum guinea pig poop that’s in their cage and there are many pet guinea pig owners that do this.

The best thing about this method is that it saves time and cleans up the poop effectively.

Vacuuming guinea pig poop is very common but there are some things that you have to keep in mind.

If you’ve just brought your guinea pigs home for the first time and they’re still getting used to their new surroundings, then you should avoid vacuuming their cage while they’re still in it because it might scare them.

Not all guinea pigs are the same, so you should be careful while cleaning their cage with a vacuum.

If your guinea pigs are still in the cage while you’re cleaning, even if they’re adventurous and seem like they don’t get scared easily, you should still pay attention to how they react when you vacuum the poop in their cage.

The sound can sometimes still traumatize them, so here are some tips to help you with when you use a vacuum for guinea pig poop.

  • Before you start cleaning, the first thing you can do is remove the guinea pigs from their cage.
  • Put them somewhere safe like a playpen before you start cleaning with the vacuum, especially if they’re not familiar with you and your home yet.
  • Remove all small toys and any extra items that you’ve placed in the cage.
  • Make sure to either brush they hay to the side or remove the hay all together because sucking up too much hay can damage the vacuum.
  • You should also take out the fleece before starting the cleaning.
  • Now you can simply use the vacuum and suck all the poop that you can.

As you know guinea pigs poop a lot so take your time and properly clean everything, it’ll still be faster than doing it by hand.

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Can You Vacuum Around Guinea Pigs?

They’re known to get easily scared in many situations, so can you vacuum around guinea pigs?

Yes, you can vacuum around guinea pigs. All guinea pigs are different though, that means some don’t mind when you vacuum with them in the room while it can make others feel uncomfortable or scared.

How they react all depends on their personality. So if you need to do cleaning, then generally it’s fine to vacuum with your guinea pigs in the room.

Just watch how they react, and stop if you see or think that it scares them too much.

That means if you see that your guinea pigs are terrified and shrinking their body, then you should stop vacuuming for a while.

Some guinea pigs don’t really care about vacuuming and sometimes they even get excited about it.

If your guinea pigs are new, then they might hide after hearing the sound of the vacuum for the first few times, until they get used to it.

The best thing you can do is use a vacuum that produces less noise. You can even start vacuuming in a different room that your guinea pigs aren’t in to see how they react.

If they’re still relaxed, then you can vacuum in the room with them. If they seem to be frightened, then you should move them to a different area until you’re done vacuuming the room.

Will Guinea Pigs Get Used To You Vacuuming Around Them?

Yes, guinea pigs get used to you vacuuming around them, and technically there aren’t really that many other options.

Because you can’t put off cleaning and vacuuming forever, your guinea has to face the vacuum one day.

Luckily there are ways that you can try to get them to become more used to it.

One of the most popular ways to make your guinea pigs more comfortable around vacuums is by giving them some kind of reward after you’re finished.

Getting Your Guinea Pigs More Comfortable Around Vacuums

So it’s true that some guinea pigs don’t like the vacuum sound and when you vacuum around them, you can’t do much about that.

What you can do is train them to associate the vacuum with something good.

You can do this by giving them their favorite treat after every time you vacuum your guinea pigs poop, or after you vacuum with your guinea pigs in the room in general.

This can make your guinea pigs slightly more comfortable about the vacuuming.

If that doesn’t work, then you should still clean regularly and eventually, your guinea pigs will get used to it.

How Well Does Vacuuming Clean A Guinea Pig’s Cage?

Vacuuming is the best way to clean a guinea pigs cage but you have to make sure that you are doing it properly.

It also depends on the type of cage you have because some cages are difficult to clean, luckily some small pet vacuums are perfect for this.

There are other methods that you can use to clean their cage by hand, like when you use a scoop to take the poop out. Some people just wear gloves and do it with their hands.

But out of all the different ways you can clean your guinea pigs poop and cages, vacuuming is the best way to do it.

The great thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of energy and effort. Just keep in mind before cleaning, make sure that there’s not too much hay around that can get sucked up into the vacuum and keep it properly charged.

Give Your Guinea Pigs Time To Adjust To The Vacuum

Guinea pigs are friendly and they get along with everyone, but if your guinea pigs are new to your house then they might feel uncomfortable about a lot of things.

Around that time, you can avoid vacuuming around them or with them in the cage.

Give them some time and once they are comfortable with you, then you can start vacuuming around them. It might scare them at first, but soon they will get used to it.

If you see that they seem terrified or if they’re hiding out of fear, then you should give them a treat after you’re done cleaning.

This will make them feel better and help them get used to it. Just remember that like any other thing in life, there has to be the first time.

So don’t worry too much if your guinea pigs seem scared initially, eventually they’ll get used to you using a vacuum in their cage or around them.


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