Do Degus Like The Dark

So it’s nighttime and you’ve turned out the lights to go to sleep, how will your degus react?

Do degus like being in the dark? Yes, degus like being in the dark, and they actually need time in the dark to keep a good internal schedule. A lot of the things degus do in the daytime they’ll do at night as well.

One of the reasons degus like being in the dark at night so much is because it’s more peaceful than the daytime.

It’s usually quieter at night which allows the degus to hear more and that’s very comforting to them.

That means you won’t have to leave any night lights on in their room because they like the dark just fine.

Can Degus See In The Dark?

So degus like being in the dark and do most of the same activities that they would do in the daytime, at night. But how much can they see at night? Can degus see in the dark?

While degus can slightly see in the dark they actually have very poor night vision. Like most rodents, they don’t rely solely on their sight to get around in the dark.

They instead, use most of their other senses to move around accurately at night.

So you won’t have to worry about your pets bumping into anything at night just because they can’t see as well. Once degus are used to their cage they’ll easily commit it to memory.

That’s why they’re able to run around and play in the dark without losing their way or getting hurt.

They can see well enough to notice objects that are close by in their cage. What they won’t really see is any of the details that they would normally notice during the day.

That’s perfectly fine because they’re not really using their sight at night to get around anyway.

So they can’t see any details or colors in really dim light, but what can they see?

What Can Degus See In Dim Light?

When it comes to what degus can see, it’s actually very interesting. Degus have the special ability to see ultraviolet light.

Even though degus can see UV light it doesn’t exactly help them see at night in most cases.

That’s because a lot of the UV light comes from the sun and when it’s nighttime there’s less UV light that can be reflected and picked up by a degu’s eyes. So what does seeing ultraviolet light help a degu do?

One of the main things seeing ultraviolet light does for degus is it helps them see other degus urine.

Degu urine reflects UV light and can allow degus to detect where others have urinated before.

Their stomach fur also reflects UV light which can help them identify other degus as well.

So at the very least, seeing ultraviolet light can help degus see each other’s stomach fur and their urine in slightly dim light.

What Do Degus Do At Night?

Degus are very active at night. They’ll do a mix of playing and sleeping with other degus all throughout the night.

Like some other pet rodents, degus don’t sleep fully through the night that often. They can sometimes be a little noisy at night because they’ll play around the cage with their friends for random periods of time, and once they’re done they’ll rest for a little bit.

Degus will also snack and drink water from their bottle or water bowl during the night time as well.

Some of them even prefer to eat & drink more at night than during the day because they can do it undisturbed.

Once you’ve had your degus for a while they’ll actually start to slightly synchronize their sleep schedule with yours too.

What that means is they’ll bed down around the same time as you, but they just won’t stay asleep the whole night as you would.

Can Degus Be Scared Of The Dark?

When you first bring them home it can sometimes seem like they’re scared of the dark, but that’s not usually the case.

The reason it can seem that way is that it can take a while to adjust to their new environment once you first get them.

While they’re still getting used to you and their new environment sudden movements can really scare them.

So if you keep them in your room with you, you might hear them cry out when you move around in your bed.

When they cry out all they’re doing is trying to alert their fellow cage mates of what they think is dangerous.

Over time they’ll get used to you moving around in the dark and you won’t hear them cry out as much anymore.

Degus also need other degus so they can feel safe at night. They don’t like to do most things alone especially when it comes to sleeping. They will often sleep on top of each other and right next to each other.

It’s comfortable for them and it also makes them feel happy and safe while they’re sleeping.

So there’s no need to worry about if you are degus are scared of the dark because they have each other for comfort.

Degus Actually Need Time In The Dark

It’s important to keep a good day and night schedule for your degus because they need and like being in the sun as well. That means having a clear light and dark pattern that they can get used to.

Many pet owners decide to keep their degus inside so sometimes it can be hard for them to tell the difference between day and night.

This is the case especially when the lights are left on in the home throughout the night, it can be confusing for them.

Keeping a good schedule for them is actually a good thing for you because it makes it easier for your degus to sync their sleep schedules with your own.

So even though degus are up and down all night long it’s still important to have a clear day time and a clear night time for them. That’ll make it easier for you and your degus to get to sleep at night.


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