Do Female Guinea Pigs Spray Urine?

Keeping female guinea pigs can be a really great experience but sometimes they can do things that might seem strange.

Some pet guinea pig owners that keep females sometimes notice pee in different areas and on other guinea pigs, so does that mean that female guinea pigs spray their urine?

Female guinea pigs do spray and the main reasons why they will usually do it is when they’re stressed, annoyed, or sometimes when they’re trying to establish dominance.

So that means that they can spray their urine for a number of reasons, although this behavior isn’t as common as some of the other behaviors that you’ll see them do from time to time.

Do Female Guinea Pigs Spray?

Sometimes if you have female guinea pigs then you may notice some pee on another guinea pig that’s in the cage with them, on the walls, or even other parts of their cage.

What that can do is lead you to wonder if female guinea pigs can actually spray their pee.

As it turns out female guinea pigs do spray and they’ll do it every now and then depending on the situation that they are in. It can seem like a strange behavior but it’s mostly normal for some guinea pigs to do.

It’s not that common of behavior for them though, so it’s not something that you will usually see every day like when a guinea pig pees a lot.

But sometimes when a female guinea pig is feeling a certain way then they can definitely spray some of their urine on what’s close to them.

That can be pee on different surfaces in their cage, pee on another guinea pig, or just wherever the pee lands in general.

So that can sometimes look like it is random to us owners, but it’s definitely something that they can do and that you should look out for if you plan on adopting female guinea pigs at some point.

Why Do Female Guinea Pigs Spray?

So if spraying is something that they can sometimes do, then why do female guinea pigs spray?

The main reasons why a female guinea pig will spray are:

  • When they’re starting to stress out over something.
  • When they’re beginning to get annoyed.
  • If they’re trying to establish dominance.

So if a female guinea pig is beginning to stress out then sometimes they’ll spray their urine.

There are many things that can stress a guinea pig out, but if something stresses a female guinea pig out too much for too long, then they may start spraying their urine around.

Female guinea pigs will also spray when something is really annoying them too.

So for example, if another guinea pig is harassing them even if they’re doing it in a playful way, then that could start to become annoying and that’s when the spraying might start.

Dominance is another reason why some female guinea pigs will spray each other.

Female guinea pigs can go through dominance just like the males can, so it’s not unusual to see them spraying a little bit when they go through this.

Sometimes they will even spray their urine over little fights about their food, although this isn’t as common as when they do it out of stress or because they are annoyed.

So some guinea pigs will even learn to not get too close to a guinea pig that sprays over who gets to eat certain foods.

Female Guinea Pigs Spraying Each Other

When it comes to spraying, you may see one female guinea pig spray another right in the face or on a different part of their body.

This can definitely be something that can seem unusual to see, so why do female guinea pigs spray each other?

Female guinea pigs will spray each other mainly when they’re going through their dominance behavior but it can also happen when they just get annoyed at one another as well.

Guinea pig dominance can last for different lengths of time, and this type of spraying behavior is something that you can see when they go through it.

When it comes to female guinea pigs spraying each other because one of them is getting annoyed then what they’re usually trying to do is give a kind of warning sign.

What that warning sign can mean is that they want the other female guinea pig to back off before anything gets too serious and starts to escalate into actual fighting.

So even though it’s not the most common guinea pig behavior it’s still something that you can see when they get in a certain mood.

Do Female Guinea Pigs Spray Urine On Males?

So it’s true that females can spray on other females occasionally, but do female guinea pigs spray urine on the males too?

If you have the males and females living together within the same cage then female guinea pigs can spray urine on male guinea pigs.

One of the main reasons why a female guinea pig will do this to a male is usually when the male is bothering the female guinea pig in some way.

So this can happen when a male guinea pig starts to sniff at the females but and they want them to stop. They can also sometimes spray urine at a male guinea pig when they don’t want any type of affection from them too.

It basically can happen when a female guinea pig receives any unwanted attention from the males that are around them.

However, the females don’t always do it every single time they get unwanted attention from the male guinea pigs, it usually depends on the situation.

So if you keep female and male guinea pigs together then this is something that you may need to prepare for.

This is especially the case when they feel like it’s mating season and they start to go through the behaviors that are associated with that.

Should You Be Worried If Your Female Guinea Pig Sprays A Lot?

It’s normal to wonder if you should be worried if your female guinea pig starts to spray their urine a lot.

While spraying every now and then is mostly normal, if a female guinea pig starts spraying a lot then that can mean that they might be stressing out about something.

If that’s the case then you may want to try some ways to calm your guinea pig down.

If they were spraying because they were stressed then once you calm your guinea pig down you may start to notice that they do it less.

Sometimes if a female guinea pig gets into little fights with the others that are in their cage then the spraying can occur as well.

It can be difficult sometimes to tell if your guinea pigs are playing or fighting, but as long as the fighting doesn’t turn too aggressive then a little bit of spraying is fine.

So most of the time it’s usually nothing too serious because they have little fights often and that can cause female guinea pigs to start spraying, and that’s completely normal.


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