Do Guinea Pigs Pee A Lot?

Guinea pigs are known to have some very strange bathroom habits that you can usually see when you look into their cage.

One of those behaviors is how much they actually pee, so do guinea pigs pee a lot?

Guinea pigs do pee a lot and sometimes they can pee up to four times an hour which can really add up as the day goes on.

Thankfully though, if you do have a guinea pig that does go to the bathroom often then there is a simple thing that you can do that can help when it’s time to clean up their pee.

Do Guinea Pigs Pee A Lot?

So when it comes to guinea pigs it’s true that they do pee a lot and they’ll do it throughout most of the day.

A lot of the time they can’t and won’t be able to hold their pee in so they will go to the bathroom when they start to feel like it.

So this is something that can seem a little random to us owners, but for them, they usually just go almost as soon as they get the urge to pee.

Some guinea pigs can also pee in various places around their cage for the same reason as well.

So it’s not like they can actually control their bladder all the time, so sometimes wherever they are in their cage is where they will pee when the urge hits them.

That being said, this isn’t always the case with all guinea pigs because most of them will choose some favorite places that they will go in around their cage.

So even though the spots that they pee in can seem random to us, guinea pigs usually will urinate around the same areas that they have decided to pick out.

That’s why you may notice that your guinea pig has a few odd places that they will go to the bathroom in.

However, as time goes on some guinea pigs can actually change the spots where they like to pee within their cage too, so that’s normal to see.

This happens to be just about the same with other rodents that you can keep as pets as well, so guinea pigs will just poop a lot and pee whenever the mood strikes them.

So if you’re thinking about adopting some guinea pigs then be prepared to clean out their cage often due to all of the pee.

Also, if you’re considering getting female ones then sometimes you may need to be prepared for the female guinea pigs to spray their pee as well.

Is It Normal For Guinea Pigs To Pee A Lot?

When you have a guinea pig that goes to the bathroom often throughout the day then it’s natural to want to know if it’s normal for guinea pigs to pee a lot.

It’s normal for a guinea pig to pee a lot and this can happen when they drink regular amounts of water as well as when they drink a lot more water than they normally do too.

A lot of things can influence how much a guinea pig will pee but the main ones are what they eat and how often they exercise.

For example, if your guinea pigs are fed a diet that has a decent amount of fruits and vegetables that have high water content then they will usually go to the bathroom a lot more.

So it is normal for guinea pigs to pee a lot but one of the things that you have to look out for is if the pee is actually healthy or not.

This is important to know as a guinea pig owner because a lot can be told about what’s going on with them from how their pee looks.

Healthy guinea pig pee can be:

  • Clear to cloudy in color.
  • Brown or orange in color when they are young.
  • Not gritty in texture at all.

While guinea pig pee that is not healthy can:

  • Be gritty to the touch.
  • Have some blood in it.
  • Smell a lot stronger than it normally does.

So if your guinea pig pees a lot and it looks healthy then it’s fine and very normal for them to do.

But if your guinea pig’s pee seems like it’s not healthy then the best thing to do is to take them to your local vet.

The veterinarian may be able to give you their professional opinion on what they think might be wrong and in a lot of cases they should be able to help.

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Pee?

Guinea pigs can pee a lot so if you have one that does then it’s natural to wonder how many times they will do it in a day.

Generally, guinea pigs can pee about every 15 minutes so if you do the math then that can mean that guinea pigs can pee about 4 times an hour and up to 96 times a day.

Remember though, all guinea pigs are different and the amount that they pee a day generally depends on different factors like their diet and lifestyle.

So some guinea pigs can pee more times a day than others while some of them won’t do it as much.

Both are still normal though, so it’s not like every guinea pig will pee 96 times a day every day.

But it’s more of a rough estimate given that they generally pee every 15 minutes and there are 24 hours in a day.

What Can You Do About A Guinea Pig That Pees A Lot?

So guinea pigs can pee a decent amount throughout the day and that can sometimes be a lot of work to deal with.

But is there anything that you can do that can help out when they start peeing too much?

Well, most of the time you won’t be able to fully stop them from peeing a lot because that’s just what they normally do. However, you can actually make it a lot easier on yourself when it’s time to clean their pee up though.

One of the things that a lot of guinea pig owners use are different types of puppy pads in their cage and they actually work really well.

There are disposable puppy pads that come in big packs that you can put in their cage and then easily throw it away and replace when it’s time.

Another option for puppy pads is the ones that are reusable that you can wash over and over again without having to replace it for a while too.

Both of them are great options, so when it comes to picking disposable or reusable puppy pads it usually comes down to how you prefer to clean their pee up.

So if you need more information on the ones that you can use, then here is a list article on the best pee pads for a guinea pig’s cage.

They really help with keeping their cage clean especially if you have a guinea pig that pees a lot.


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