Do Guinea Pigs Like Cuddly Toys

Guinea Pigs are amazing pet animals and everyone loves them. They are not only fun to play with but their meek, cute nature can easily make anyone love and pet them.

We love them enough to get them a lot of toys especially when we see a new one at the store.

They like a wide range of toys but do guinea pigs like cuddly toys?

Yes, guinea pigs like cuddly toys because they get to chew on, hump, and drag them around. Be sure to give your guinea pigs the right one because not all cuddly toys are safe to give your guinea pigs, like ones that include hard plastic or glass eyes.

Similar to that, pet owners that keep guinea pigs also have questions like can you give a guinea pig a stuffed animal and so on.

So if you want to know more about giving your guinea pigs cuddly toys or stuffed animals, then check out the rest of this post that also has a quick list of soft toys you can give to your guinea pigs.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Cuddly Toys?

Guinea pigs are considered one of the cuddliest pets you can keep and they love soft toys. Though this doesn’t mean that they will always be in the mood to cuddle up to anything.

But if you give them the right toys that make them feel safe and secure then they will love it.

In some cases, their breed and personality can be factors that affect how much or how quickly they feel comfortable enough to cuddle up to a toy.

For example, some breeds like the Teddy guinea pig and Texel guinea pig get comfortable easily and they start playing and cuddling as soon the get the toy. But some other breeds take more time to get used to the toys.

The same can be said about the time it takes for them to be comfortable enough to cuddle with their owners, but if you have just got your first guinea pig, then it might take some time.

Can You Give A Guinea Pig A Stuffed Animal?

Stuffed animals can be great for a lot of pets but are they great for guinea pigs? So, can you give a guinea pig a stuffed animal?

Yes, you can give a guinea pig a stuffed animal, just make sure the eyes of the stuffed animal are not buttons, glass or plastic because your guinea pig will try to chew on it.

They love playing with them and they also get comfortable with them very easily.

The best thing about stuffed animals for your guinea pigs is that they don’t cost as much and your guinea pig will enjoy playing with it for a long time.

Guineas often use stuffed animals as a pillow and they may drag them around the cage.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you must cut the tag or any threads from the toy because if they start eating or chewing it, then it may result in choking.

Like I said before, to be safe, you should make sure that the eyes of the stuffed animal are not buttons, glass or plastic. You should only give your guinea pig a stuffed animal with sewn eyes.

What Kind Of Cuddly Toys Do Guinea Pigs Like?

It’s pretty clear that guinea pigs love cuddling and cuddling up to things once they get comfortable with you and your place.

But what kind of cuddly toys can you give them and what kind of toys do they like to cuddle?

A lot of guinea pigs are picky and you can’t just give them any random toy. All guinea pigs are different but there are some specific toys that guinea pigs are more likely to love.

So to help you understand better, here is a quick list of cuddly and non-cuddly toys guinea pigs like:

  • Stuffed Tubes

Stuffed tubes that contain hay are an amazingly simple toy that guinea pigs like. The best thing about stuffed tubes is that they are non-toxic and they make a comfortable toy to cuddle.

To make it more fun and healthier, you can stuff some herbs, hay, or hypoallergenic hay in the middle and it will keep your guinea busy for hours.

  • Grass Cheese Balls

You can also give your little friend some grass cheese balls along with some hay. This won’t only work as a great toy but it will also make a great treat for them too.

If you want to keep your guinea pig engaged, then you should consider a cheese ball with jingles on it. Some guinea pigs like the sound of the jingles while others don’t so be sure to gauge how your guinea pigs react.

  • Paper Bags

Paper bags aren’t really that cuddly but it’s still one of the best toys that you should give to your guinea pig to see if they like it.

The best thing about paper bags is that they are available in your home and guineas also love to play with them for fun.

It may sound odd, but they make a great toy and guineas love the sound of paper crackling when they play with them.

  • Stuffed Socks

If you want a toy you can cheaply make yourself, then you can take socks and stuff them with anything softer you want.

Stuffed socks work as a great pillow and you can easily make it in your home. They create a comfortable base for your guinea to sleep and relax.

What Would A Guinea Pig Do With A Cuddly Toy?

Now some of you might be thinking what a guinea pig would do with a cuddle toy.

Well, like some other animals, guinea pigs are emotionally complex and personally different.

They do a lot of things that can’t be explained but they love cuddling with toys and they often use them as their pillow or sleeping base.

Though some guineas use the cuddle toys just to play with them and keep themselves engaged. Some guinea pigs will even use them to hump every now and then, but that is normal.

Guinea pigs are very calm and docile, and that’s one of the reasons that they sometimes like cuddly toys. They get along and socialize easily, which makes them a great pet.

Some guineas need toys so they can feel safe and secured while some chew on their toys to avoid boredom.

Due to this chewing habit, it is recommended to give guinea pigs toys that are generally safe for them and made from non-toxic material.

Make Sure Your Guinea Pigs Are Playing Safely With Their Toys

There is no wonder is saying that guineas are very warm and friendly animals. Guinea pigs love cuddling toys as they make them comfortable and feel safer.

But what should you look out for to make sure your guinea pigs are safe while playing with their new toys?

There are many kinds of toys you can give to your guinea pig such as stuffed animals, hay, and grass cheese balls.

Just remove all the loose strands and make sure the eyes are not made of glass, buttons, or plastic.

Apart from this, you can stuff hay and herbs in between the paper box to make the toy better.

As long as you’re only giving your guinea pigs safe cuddly toys to play with and chew on, they’ll be happy to play with it for a long time.


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