Do Hamsters Cry?

Hamsters can do a lot of strange things if you watch them for long enough and an example of this is if you notice that it looks like they’re crying.

This is something that can seem a little odd if you see them do it, so do hamsters actually cry?

Hamsters don’t really cry and if you do see any moisture around their eyes it’s usually due to humidity, so you won’t see them actually tearing up over something like a bad experience.

However, hamsters can make crying noises when they’re scared, in pain, or sleeping.

So when it comes to hamsters and crying, what you won’t see is tears going down their little cheeks, but what you will see and hear is them making crying sounds in an attempt to show what they’re feeling.

Do Hamsters Cry?

When a hamster’s eyes tear up it can slightly look like they’re crying, but if you notice some moisture around their eyes then most likely the environment that they’re in is a little humid.

Hamsters don’t cry like a person that’s sad would because they’re not born to do something like that.

But while hamsters don’t cry tears, they can make different crying noises to show how they’re feeling in that moment.

When a hamster cries out it usually sounds like squeaking and it can also sound like they’re screaming as well.

When they make these noises it usually means that your little pet is either scared, in pain, or your hamster is stressed out.

So if you do hear those crying sounds or see them make those noises then something might be making your hamster uncomfortable.

Hamsters sleep a lot so another time that you’ll hear them make these noises is when they’re sleeping because hamsters can even cry out in their sleep.

Some hamster owners believe that hamsters can dream, so if they can, then that means they can also have bad dreams like nightmares.

Those nightmares can cause them to become scared and when that happens that’s when you’ll hear a hamster cry out in their sleep.

Why Would A Hamster Cry Out?

So if hamsters can make crying noises to show how they feel at that time, then what can cause them to make those sounds?

One of the main reasons why a hamster will make crying noises is when they’re new to an environment and not familiar with their surroundings.

This most commonly happens when you first bring them home and they’re in a place that they don’t know and it can even be when you place them into a new cage that they’re not familiar with yet.

So they’re still trying to settle in and that can be a really frightening experience for them and that can cause them to cry out.

Just like when a hamster is unfamiliar with their environment they can also cry out when they’re unfamiliar with their owner as well.

So even though it can be hard to tell if your hamster is used to you sometimes, one of the ways that you can tell that they’re not is if they start crying when you come around them.

Hamsters will also make crying sounds when they’re scared or if they’re in a decent amount of pain too.

So if something recently scared them like some sudden movements then you may hear some crying noises. The same goes for if something is wrong with them, like if they injured themselves in some way.

If they get scared while they are asleep then they can start crying in their sleep as well.

So even though it’s not all that common, if they hear random noises or have had a bad dream then crying in their sleep is definitely possible for a hamster.

What To Do When A Hamster Cries Out?

If your hamster is crying out then there are some things that you can do to help them and get them to stop.

For example, if they’re still settling in their new home then give them some time to get used to their new environment because they will become more familiar with it as time goes on.

While they’re getting more familiar with their new surroundings you can also let them try to get used to you by being around them more often as well.

That being said, if your hamster is crying out only when you come by them, then you should give them a little bit of space.

It can sometimes be hard to tell when your hamster likes you, but these crying noises don’t mean that they don’t like you, it just means that they still need more time to get familiar with you.

So in that situation, what you’ll need to do is introduce yourself slowly to them until they get used to you being around them.

When you do this just go at your hamster’s pace that way they can be more comfortable and that can make it easier for them to be around you.

If your hamster is crying because they’re scared of something then try to remove whatever might be making them uncomfortable.

A lot of things can make a hamster uncomfortable like other pets in the same room with them or even loud noises that come from a TV.

So you can try your best to calm your hamster down by getting rid of the things that are around them that are causing them to be so frightened.

When a hamster looks like they’re crying because they’re in pain or you know that they are, then it’s best to consult an online veterinarian or an in-person one.

That way a professional can try to help figure out if they have any injuries that need to be attended to.

If your hamster is crying in their sleep then the best thing to do is leave them alone for a while. You shouldn’t pick them up and try to comfort them because they may lash out at you out of fear.

So if you leave them alone when your hamster is crying in their sleep they’ll eventually be able to calm themselves down and they’ll stop crying out all on their own.

Hamsters Make Crying Noises And It’s Normal

Hamsters will make crying noises from time to time and it’s completely normal for them to do that.

Most of the time it’s nothing to worry about if they’re still getting used to new things because as time goes on they’ll be able to quickly become familiar with everything.

The only time that you should be worried if your hamster is crying is if you know that they’re in some type of pain, and in that case, you’ll need to speak with a vet to make sure that they’re remaining healthy.

So basically if your hamster is crying out, then it may take some work on your part to fix what you think is making them do that.

You’ll have to try to notice what’s causing them to make those crying noises, and once you do, then you can help make the situation better for them.

Remember, if they’re crying out when you come by that’s normal too, especially when they’re still new and not used to you or their environment.

It can take a while for a hamster to get used to you and that’s okay as long as you give them some space and only come up to them when you know that they’re ready for you to do that.

So just know that most of the time it’s usually not your fault if your hamster is crying when you come around them.

That’s not something that should be taken personally because it can take a while for a hamster to become comfortable with everything.


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