Is Lysol Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Keeping your guinea pig’s cage clean is important and something that you should always do for them.

But what you decide to clean their cage and items in it with also matters too.

There are different popular disinfectants like Lysol that can be used around the house but is Lysol safe for guinea pigs?

Lysol and Lysol wipes are not safe for guinea pigs and shouldn’t be used on anything in or around their cage.

So neither of them are safe because they can contain harmful chemicals and produce fumes that can affect a guinea pig’s health.

Why Is Lysol Not Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Like most other disinfectants and cleaners that you can use, Lysol is generally not safe for guinea pigs. It shouldn’t be used on your little pets or close to them.

So unless the bottle that you plan on using says it’s safe for small pets it’s best if you stay away from it.

A disinfectant like Lysol can contain some harmful chemicals and while it may be okay to use around humans it won’t be safe to use around guinea pigs.

One of the main reasons why is that guinea pigs spend most of their lives inside of their enclosure so they are very likely to come into contact with the chemicals that it can leave behind.

Guinea pigs really love to put their mouths on most of the things in their cage too.

That means that there’s a high chance that some of the chemicals can get in their mouths when they do.

So for example, if you use Lysol on their cage or on some of the items in their cage then they may lick what you put it on.

Plus you also have to think about all of the fumes that the Lysol can produce as well.

Even if you let their cage air out and you don’t smell it, the fumes can still be slightly present and your guinea pigs will be able to smell it.

So even if you don’t smell the Lysol anymore that doesn’t mean that your guinea pigs won’t be able to.

Are Lysol Wipes Safe For Guinea Pigs?

So Lysol shouldn’t be used around your guinea pigs and the wipes shouldn’t be used either because Lysol wipes are not safe for guinea pigs.

Lysol wipes can contain some of the same ingredients as the regular disinfectant even though how they’re made can be slightly different.

They still can leave behind fumes that can be dangerous for a guinea pig and you don’t want to put your little pet in that type of situation.

The same goes for the chemicals that are in it as well, some of the chemical residues can still be left behind and that can be dangerous for them.

This is especially the case if your guinea pigs rub up against parts of the cage that you used the Lysol wipes on.

Most of the time Lysol wipes are not small pet friendly and shouldn’t be used around them.

So it’s best if you don’t wipe anything that your guinea pig comes into contact with those wipes.

You’re much better off using disinfectants that are safe for small pets like the ones that you can find in the pet store.

That way you are being completely safe about what you put in their cage or what you use around them.

How Harmful Can Lysol Be For Guinea Pigs?

So Lysol and Lysol wipes are not safe to use around guinea pigs but how harmful can they be for them?

Most Lysol products can be very harmful to guinea pigs and they may start to have some health issues if they come in contact with chemical products that aren’t small pet friendly.

If it gets on their skin then it can start to irritate them and if it gets in their mouth they may ingest it and become sick.

The fumes from the Lysol that can be left behind can get into their lungs and harm them even when we don’t smell it anymore as well.

So that means that most of the time you should try your best to avoid using Lysol or their wipes around your small pets.

Remember as their owners it’s our responsibility to keep them healthy and safe because sometimes guinea pigs don’t know that something can be harmful to them.

Only Use Safe Disinfectants That Are Meant For Guinea Pigs

You have to clean your guinea pigs’ cage often and when you’re cleaning anything in or around it you should make sure to only use disinfectants that are small pet-friendly.

The ones that are safe for them will usually say it directly on the label and it will be easy to see.

Most of the time you can find these safe disinfectants in the small pet section of the pet store.

They’re safe to use around them and specifically made to clean surfaces that come into contact with small pets like guinea pigs.

If you need a little more information on the ones that can be used around them then check out my post on the best guinea pig disinfectants.

But if you don’t want to use the disinfectants from the store then you can try to make a DIY one.

You can create your own homemade disinfectant out of vinegar and water and it’s really easy to make.

All you would need to do to make this solution is use half vinegar and half water and mix it together.

Then you can use it to wipe down some of the items in their cage, the cage itself, and even their bedding.

So it works really well when it comes to most aspects of cleaning the things in and around your guinea pig’s cage.


If you plan on cleaning your guinea pig’s cage out then it’s best to stay away from using Lysol or Lysol wipes when you do it.

The chemicals and the fumes can be very harmful to them and can affect their health in a bad way.

So instead of using Lysol make sure to only use disinfectants that are meant for small pets like guinea pigs.

They’re made specifically for small pets and can do a great job of cleaning most things that are related to keeping them.

So to wrap this up, do not use Lysol or their wipes when cleaning anything that your guinea pig can come into contact with but instead only use small pet-friendly disinfectants.


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