Best Hamster Bedding For Odor Control

Hamsters are cute little furballs that make for great pets. However, hamsters do require proper care, and one of the most essential parts of hamster care is creating an environment conducive to their health. This means hamster bedding is needed to absorb all the hamster’s waste products, so it does not smell up the hamster cage.

A hamster’s living space must be kept spotlessly clean, and hamster bedding for odor control is an effective way to help you achieve this goal. There are many different types of hamster bedding available, but some hamster bedding products outshine others in terms of hamster care and ease of usage.

Any hamster owner knows that hamsters are spotless animals. They will spend hours each day cleaning themselves and sleep. This means the bedding you choose must be kept spotlessly clean for your hamster. If hamster bedding for odor control is not kept clean, then unpleasant odors will be created, and hamsters are susceptible to smell, and odors can make them less likely to use hamster bedding in their hamster cage.

This is why it is so essential to keep hamster bedding for odor control at its best.

Best hamster beddings for odor control

Wood Shavings

Hamster bedding comes in many different types, including wood shavings. Wood shavings are a popular hamster bedding type; however, hamsters with allergies can’t always use this one. Other hamsters may develop an allergy to wood shavings hamster bedding, so it’s always good to keep a close on your little one when choosing the right bedding.

An allergic reaction can mean that hamsters will stop using any bedding made from wood shavings. Hamster bedding and the smell of waste products from hamsters who do not use or have stopped using wood shavings hamster bedding can be pretty intense.

Hamster Cotton

Another hamster bedding type is hamster cotton. This hamster bedding type is made from 100% cotton, making it ideal for allergy-sensitive hamsters who may develop allergies to wood shavings, hamster bedding, or other materials commonly used in hamster bedding. This hamster bedding type is very absorbent, making it excellent hamster bedding for odor control. The fact that it is 100% cotton also makes for quite the cozy tiny home!

Paper Hamster Bedding

Another hamster bedding type is paper hamster bedding. Paper hamster bedding is made from recycled paper, and the fibers are small enough to make this hamster bedding type ideal for hamsters to use. This hamster bedding is also absorbent, making it excellent hamster bedding for odor control. The plus for using paper hamster bedding for odor control is that it is also eco-friendly!

Fleece Hamster Bedding

Another hamster bedding type is hamster fleece hamster bedding. This hamster bedding type is made from recycled fleece material, and hamsters will love hamster fleece hamster bedding much like cotton. It is cozy. Fleece hamster bedding is also very absorbent, making it excellent hamster bedding for odor control. It’s also an ideal material for a comfortable space for your hamster. Just be sure to buy 100% natural so that your odor control is at its highest.

Pulpwood Hamster Bedding

Another hamster bedding type is wood-based hamster bedding. Wood-based hamster bedding is made from pulpwood, which makes hamster bedding very absorbent. Sticking with 100% pulpwood can help keep the odors at bay. Yes, many wood shavings are also made from the same kind of wood, but often wood shavings can be a mixture.

Aspen Hamster Bedding

Aspen hamster bedding is a crowd favorite, and that is because aspen is one of the best types of bedding for odor control. Aspen is great not only for its high absorbency but also for the environment that it creates for your hamster. Always make sure your bedding is 100% and dust-free to keep a safe and odor-free environment for your hamster.

Natural Fibers

Synthetic fibers can harm hamsters who have or may develop allergies. Natural fiber hamster bedding can help absorb odors much longer. Remember that it is safe for your hamster as long as it’s natural. Any bedding that is made of 100% natural fibers should be one of your go-to’s for odor control. Note that these fibers can include 100% cotton and fleece. Any synthetic fibers can potentially harm hamsters with allergies, so always check the packaging before purchasing.

Pine Bedding

Pine is another crowd favorite when it comes to absorbing odors. This one is great as far as absorbency goes. However, for hypoallergenic hamsters, this one is not ideal. Pine has a scent, and the oils can often irritate the skin. Always be sure to note if the bedding is 100% natural.

Hemp Hamster Bedding

Hemp is another one of those materials that have surprisingly come up in the hamster bedding world. It is on the pricey edge of things, but it is highly absorbent, making it great for odor control. Another really great thing about it is that it is all-natural and safe for your hamster.

100% Natural Blends

It is true that when looking for the best hamster bedding for odor control, it should always be all-natural. That being said, it is also okay for those all-natural fibers and types of woods to be blended. There are plenty of hamster bedding blends that claim to be natural fibers but be sure to read the packaging. Try to avoid dust, chemicals, and any added scents as this could danger your hamster.

Popular Natural Odor Control Hamster Bedding Brands


This has to be the most popular brand when it comes to making bedding that is great for odor control. Most of its bedding is made from 100% natural materials, so you can rest assured that you are always making the right choice.

Kaytee also has a wide range of different types of materials, so you are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the types you can choose from. They offer paper, different types of wood, and different types of blends.

OleyHemp OH! Pet Bedding

If you’re looking for a great eco-friendly odor absorbent bedding, this one is one of the most popular hemp bedding brands. As stated above, it is on the expensive side of things, but it is also effective.


Carefresh offers some really great and affordable options when it comes to hamster bedding. They have excellent 100% natural beddings as well so that you know you will be getting perfect hamster bedding for odor control.

Living World

This brand has excellent 100% wood-based hamster beddings. All of which are natural and, of course, fantastic for odor control. They’re affordable and, best of all, have no sneaky additives.

Small Pet Select

This brand is on the cheaper side of the hamster bedding world, but it does have great all-natural options. Their bedding is 100% all-natural, so you can get affordable bedding that is absorbent and great at odor control. The best part is that their products are simple and don’t have any additives in them, so what you see is what you get.


FiberCore offers some really great options for odor control hamster bedding. All of their products are eco-friendly and absolutely absorbent. Their materials are compostable and biodegradable. They are a bit expensive, but it’s always worth it when creating the best environment for your hamster.


In conclusion, hamster bedding is an essential part of hamster care, and hamsters should have a well-made hamster cage that has been thoroughly cleaned before your hamster uses the hamster cage as its home. One of the best ways to maintain a well-made, spotlessly clean hamster cage is hamster bedding, and it is essential to choose the right hamster bedding for odor control.

Picking the right bedding for odor control can seem a bit overwhelming when looking at all of the options, but there are simple things to remember to ensure you pick the right one every time. Reading the packaging to make sure bedding material is 100% natural is the key to always picking the right bedding for odor control.

Having the right bedding and a clean cage will not only benefit you but will also make for a very happy little pocket pet! When picking the bedding, always make sure that the bedding you choose for odor control is 100% natural and free from any additives like scented bedding or things of that nature. This will always assure your hamster a clean cage and your home free from any hamster smells.

Please note:

When choosing hamster bedding for your hamster, you need to keep in mind the allergies your hamster may have and what type of allergy is predominant. This will help you choose the best hamster bedding for odor control for your hamster bedding.

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