Why Do Hamsters Go To The Corner Of Their Cage?

If you keep a hamster as a pet then you’ll know that some of their behaviors can be slightly confusing from time to time.

One confusing behavior that can have multiple meanings is when they go into one of their corners. So why do hamsters go to the corner of their cage?

Hamsters can go in the corner when they’re feeling scared and want to hide, and also when they’re just following their natural instincts like digging and sleeping in a place where they feel safe.

Every hamster is different and has its own unique environment that they live in, so there can be multiple reasons why you’ll see them in the corner.

So if you want to know more about the different common reasons a hamster will go into the corner of their cage check out the rest of this article where I’ll go into what they’re doing in the corner and why they’re doing it.

Why Does My Hamster Go To The Corner Of Their Cage?

Have you ever seen your hamster go to the corner of their cage and wondered why they’re doing that? Well, they can go to the corner of their cage for a number of reasons.

Hamsters go to the corner to:

  • Hide.
  • Sit.
  • Dig.
  • Use the bathroom.
  • Sleep.

So that means when your hamster goes into the corner of their cage it can be for a different reason each time.

The reason they do so many things in the corner is that their back is up against the walls which makes them feel safe.

That way it’s easier for them to do their activities when they feel like nothing is behind them.

Why Is My Hamster Always In The Corner?

If you noticed that your hamster is always in the corner it usually doesn’t mean they’re trying to escape, it’s just one of the places where they feel safe and comfortable.

This is especially the case if they don’t have enough places to hide in their cage, like small huts or hideouts.

Even if you do have enough places for them to hide, sometimes you’ll still see your hamster in the corner though.

For them, being in the corner of their cage is a lot safer than being out in the open when doing some of their activities.

Because hamsters are prey animals, it’s natural for them to want to be in a place where they feel safe and secure.

So it’s totally normal for a hamster to spend a lot of their time in a corner of the cage.

Sometimes they’ll even have a favorite corner that they like going to for certain things.

So when you see that your hamster is always in the corner just know that it’s very normal behavior and they can be doing it for a lot of different reasons, which I will be getting into next.

Hamsters Hiding In The Corner

Have there ever been times where you’ve seen your hamster hiding in the corner of their cage and thought about why they’re doing this?

Well, when a hamster is hiding in one of the corners it can mean that they don’t like their cage or at least some aspects of it.

Sometimes it can also mean that they are scared you or just their current situation.

You can tell that your hamster doesn’t feel comfortable if they’re hiding in the corner and seem stressed about something.

If they’re new, then they could still be getting used to you and their surroundings.

So if that’s the case then just know that it’s normal behavior and once they get used to everything they’ll stop hiding in the corner as much.

Sometimes that can take a while so it’s good to be patient and let them come out of the corner on their own and at their own pace.

However, if your hamster doesn’t seem stressed and is hiding in the corner while they’re doing everything else normally then try not to worry too much.

It just means that the corner is a comfortable spot for them to hide for a while and take in their surroundings.

Hamsters Sitting In The Corner

Sometimes it can look like slightly confusing behavior when you see that your hamster is sitting in the corner for a while.

Hamsters generally sit in the corner for a while so that they can have their back up against the walls when they are on alert or when they feel unfamiliar with their surroundings.

This is very normal behavior especially when your hamster is still new to their cage.

If your hamster is not new to their cage and they’re still sitting in the corner then it could just be because that’s where they feel comfortable enough to sit and relax while they look at their surroundings.

So that means there’s not much need to worry if your hamster is eating, drinking, and playing normally throughout their day but still sits in the corner for a while.

If they looked stressed in the corner then it could mean that they feel like too much is going on around them and they need the safety of their corner to figure out what’s going on.

However, if they seem relaxed, then the best thing to do is not bother them and let them sit there, and eventually, they will come out and go back to some of their regular activities.

Hamsters Digging In The Corner

Have you ever seen your hamster dig in the corner and wonder why they’re doing this?

Hamsters dig a lot and they dig in the corner because it’s their natural instinct to want to burrow and sometimes they also do it when there isn’t enough bedding in their cage.

So it’s normal to see your hamster scratching at the corner of their cage when they get into a digging mood.

Although sometimes it can be slightly tiresome to hear the constant scratching sound.

If you wanted to try to get your hamster to stop digging or scratching at the corner of their cage there is one simple thing you can try.

Try adding more inches of bedding on top of the bedding that’s already in their cage so that your hamster has more room to fulfill their urge to dig.

When you do this, there’s a decent chance your hamster will stop digging in the corner for a while or sometimes entirely.

Hamsters Sleeping In The Corner Of Their Cage

There have been times where I’ve bought a lot of different houses for my hamsters to sleep in but they always seemed to want to sleep in the corner of their cage.

Once I noticed that it got me thinking why do hamsters sleep in the corner of their cage?

Hamsters sleep in the corner of their cage because they like creating their own little nests where they can sleep in their favorite corner.

It’s a natural behavior for them to want to be able to create their own nest that they feel comfortable in.

So sometimes even if you buy them the nicest hut, hamsters won’t always sleep where you want them to.

That’s why it’s normal to see your hamster take bedding from other parts of their cage and move it into a corner where they can start building a nice place to sleep.

So don’t be too worried if you see your hamster sleeping on top of, or underneath their bedding in a corner of their cage.


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