Why Is My Hamster So Hyper?

Some hamsters can seem very calm, while other hamsters can look like they have a lot of energy.

So if your hamster does seem to have a lot of energy, then it’s normal to wonder why your hamster is so hyper.

The main reasons why a hamster can be so hyper is if they’ve become bored with their normal activities, stressed out over something, or if they’re just younger.

Plus it’s worth noting that some hamsters just have a lot more energy than other hamsters and that can make it seem like they’re acting hyper as well.

What Can Make A Hamster Act So Hyper?

The first reason why a hamster can start to become very hyper is if they’re bored.

So if your hamster usually acts calm but now they’re acting hyper, then it could be because they’ve just become bored.

This can happen often because hamsters can get bored very easily. When they do get bored they’ll stop doing some of the normal activities that they usually get into.

For example, once they stop doing their normal activities like playing with their toys and running on their exercise wheel, then their energy can start to build up.

As their energy starts to build up without having some type of release, that can cause them to act hyper a lot of the time.

Another reason why a hamster will become hyper all of a sudden is when they become stressed out about something.

That stress can cause a hamster to act more aggressively within their cage and even with their owner. So sometimes that aggressiveness can really make it seem like they’re hyper.

One more reason why a hamster can be so hyper is if they’re younger. Hamsters have a lot of energy especially when they’re young, so if your hamster is younger then they will usually be more hyper.

But as they get older what you’ll notice is that they’ll become less jumpy and start to settle down a little bit.

Also, some hamsters just have a lot more energy than other hamsters do, and they’ll need a decent amount of space so that they can exercise and get most of their energy out.

If they don’t have the chance to expend some of their energy then that can cause them to become hyper.

Is It Normal For A Hamster To Be So Hyper?

It’s natural to wonder if it’s normal for a hamster to be so hyper, especially if they start acting this way out of nowhere.

But in most cases, it’s normal for them and usually nothing to worry too much about. Some hamsters are born naturally calm, while others have a lot of energy and they’ll want to try to expend some of it.

So being calm and hyper are both normal for a hamster depending on the personality that they were born with.

All hamsters aren’t always calm or hyper, they have their own individual personalities and that can come with different amounts of energy.

It’s even normal for a hamster to become hyper because they’re stressed out too.

Of course, you don’t want your hamster to become stressed out, but it does happen sometimes, and when it does it can lead to them acting hyper.

If your hamster does act hyper because they’re stressed out, then you’ll want to know some of the signs that can show that a hamster is stressed.

That way it’ll be easier to help your little pet calm down some more. So if your hamster is hyper try not to worry too much, because usually, it’s a normal process that they go through every now and then.

Should You Try To Stop Your Hamster From Being So Hyper?

If you have a hyper hamster then it’s normal for you to want to stop them from acting that way.

However, when trying to get your hamster to become less hyper it really depends on the reason why they’re showing this type of high-energy behavior.

If your hamster is acting hyper because they’re starting to get stressed out, then it would be a good idea to figure out how to tell when they’re actually stressed or not.

That way you can eliminate what’s causing their stress and that can make it easier to calm them down.

If your hamster is acting hyper because they’re still young, then you won’t really need to try to get them to calm down because they’ll do that naturally as they get older.

When your hamster is hyper because they’re bored, then trying to get them to be calmer it’s something that is definitely possible though.

There are even some different ways that you can try to help calm your hyper hamster if they’ve become that way because they’re bored.

Tips For Calming A Hyper Hamster

The 1st tip, and it’s the most obvious one, is to help them expand some of their pent-up energy.

You can try to help keep them busy by moving the stuff in their cage around every now and then.

Try moving their toys and huts around, and maybe even their exercise wheel too if it’s not permanently attached to something.

That way they can rearrange the items in their cage to how they like it themselves, and that’ll give them something to do to release some of their extra energy.

The 2nd tip is to hide some of their favorite treats and food in different spots around their cage.

That way it’ll get them more active and they can go dig around and search for their food and treats.

This is a really great option because it’ll both help your hamster expend some of their energy, while also helping with their natural urge to want to forage around for some of their food.

The 3rd tip is to give your hamster more toys while also switching out their toys on a regular basis.

So you can try experimenting with different types of chew toys, like the wooden ones that sit on the floor of their cage, and also the chew toys that hang from the top of their cage as well.

As I said before, hamsters can get bored easily, so giving them different types of toys and switching them out regularly can help.

It’ll help prevent them from getting bored, because they’ll always have something interesting to play with and explore.

Sometimes it can seem like a hamster can run on their wheel too much. That can be a good thing if they’re really hyper because it’ll help them use up some of their energy.

So the 4th tip is if your hamster is hyper and likes running, try switching out their type of wheel.

If they run on a standard wheel try switching it out to a saucer wheel, and if they have a saucer wheel try switching it out for a standard one.

That way the new wheel can grab your hamster’s interest and they may start running on it a lot more to release some of the energy that’s making them so hyper.

So basically the plan is to make their cage as exciting as possible, that way there will be more ways to tire your hyper hamster out.

Also, try not to forget to have a little patience with them as well because most of the time they’re just doing something that they naturally do.

Remember eventually as your hamster gets older they won’t be as hyper anymore.


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