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Hamsters are a group of mammalian rodents that can be found in the wild throughout Europe and Asia, across North Africa, and down into parts of India. In the wild, Syrian hamsters are also known as Syrian golden hamsters. These are typically brown to dark brown with fur on their backs that is lighter in color than that on the rest of their body.

They have short legs and tails and long, hairless ears. Dwarf hamsters, which include the breeds Roborovski, Chinese, and Russian winter/dwarf hamsters, are typically brownish grey with a white underbelly. Their legs and upper body are usually darker than their bellies. Syrian hamsters typically grow to be between 5 – 7 inches long, while dwarf hamsters are about 4 – 6 inches in length.

Their Habitats

Their Habitats

Hamsters’ habitats in the wild vary depending on species and location. Syrian golden hamsters live in burrows that they construct, which are simple tunnels dug into the ground with separate chambers for eating, sleeping, and eliminating waste.

The entrance to the burrow is usually hidden to avoid predation. Dwarf hamsters are less known for constructing their own burrows but can be found inhabiting existing ones made by other animals or living in rock crevices. Hamsters do not hibernate, but instead, brave colder climates by building up stores of food to last them through the winter.

For the most part, hamsters are solitary animals that only come together with others of their kind to mate. Golden hamsters can find a home in a temperate desert habitat where they make underground burrows, while dwarf hamsters typically prefer grasslands and savannas. Hamsters can be found throughout Europe and Asia, as well as in North Africa and parts of India.

Why do they need cages?

In the wild, hamsters will live in burrows that they have dug. In a home environment, it is necessary for pet hamsters to have a cage that allows them to be housed safely and securely. Hamsters also get stressed when they are left to their own devices without something to explore.

Best Hamster Cages on Amazon

1. Favola Hamster Cage

This modular design means that you can easily remove panels for thorough cleaning or access food dish, water bottle and hide them away if needed! With a 5-inch exercise wheel built-in as well it’s easy on their little bodies – even when they’re busy playing around between cages at different locations throughout your house!

For those who want all of this convenience but don’t have enough room then there’s no need to worry because now our hamsters will be able to stay happy indoors without worrying about being outdoors again.

It is an easy-maintenance hamster cage that is perfect for those who want to keep their pet clean and healthy. This large living space provides plenty of room, with an access door at the top panel as well as the entire wire portion divided into 2 sections so that you can easily clean it out when necessary!

The deep base allows even more floor area which comes in handy if your little one likes exploring all over or needs extra toys without cluttering up his/her home environment too much – this 23-inch x 14 Innovative design has been designed by keeping these important considerations during development process making sure every aspect meets high-quality standards.


  • solid hamster cage – the best material
  • well-packaged and the delivery was quite good
  • quite spacious for a hamster cage


  • accessories are not ideal to be used
  • may not be suitable for Syrian hamsters
  • some parts were cracked

2. Ferplast Hamster Cage

This interactive hamster cage is the perfect place for your little explorers! It features fun tubes to promote playful and healthy exploration of their habitat. The size means it can hold up 2 small animals or 1 medium-sized one like me (I’m not tiny though)! This wire mesh walls 5/8-inch-thick plastic base with 3+ inches on either side so there will be plenty of room no matter what you put inside 🙂

Their deep 3.25″ plastic base contains the bedding and can be removed for routine cleaning, other accessories are also suitable with a mild detergent to keep them smelling fresh!

You don’t need any tools – just lift the top door when you want to access or deposit food & water into their bowls inside this handy container; it’s perfect because it has both front AND back doors so that way if one gets dirty from all those fun activities then you won’t have problems.


  • Offers sufficient space for hamsters
  • The water bottle doesn’t leak
  • Cage has several levels to explore


  • no instructions came with it
  • can be hard to clean
  • poor tube design; droppings all over

3. Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

The Hamster Home is a great way to provide your hamster with the perfect home. This interactive play space has multiple levels and features an exercise wheel, water bottle holder (so you can stay hydrated while watching them a workout!), food bowl that’s big enough for two weeks’ worth of meals!

Plus, there are nooks where they’ll feel safe exploring or hiding from danger–or possibly at once! You won’t believe all these setups come complete: 6’1″ x 11′, 4 lbs., 21 inches tall & 3-foot-long tubes.


  • The cage is easy to assemble
  • Tube design allows for exercise


  • Plastic is flimsy so difficult to clean
  • Tube design isn’t safe for hamsters because they can easily get stuck or fall off

4. ROBUD Large Hamster Cage Gerbil Haven Habitat Small Animal Cage

This cage comes with all the accessories you need to provide your pet’s basic needs. It includes a 6″ silent exercise wheel, house, and 80ml water bottle! This is an easy-to-use animal shelter that can be assembled in no time at all thanks to its handy instructions manual which include pictures so there will only ever really 2 steps: attaching one side onto another using tension rods for stability; then filling it up by dumping out some bedding from inside (or adding more if needed).


  • Includes a wheel
  • The cage is easy to move


  • The yellow screw came off
  • cheap material

5. Kaytee CritterTrail Portable Petite Habitat

This portable habitat is perfect for all hamsters, gerbils, and mice. Its easy-to-clean design provides a haven from the hustle of city life! The carrying handle makes travel hassle-free so you can take your pet with wherever critters go – even on vacation or when moving into an apartment without animals in tow.

Add this CritterTrail home base unit onto other critter trails (not included) to expand the space needed while keeping pets satisfied. With its durable construction, it will last years until too big for child-friendly fun extra toys add more.


  • safer for small animals
  • Tray slides out easily
  • The cage is easy to clean


  • not user-friendly age assembly
  • also, a cheaply constructed brand

6. Habitrail Small Animal Cage

Habitrail’s Cristal hamster habitat is a safe and secure living area for these little animals. It comes with wire bars that allow air to flow freely, as well as promote cleanliness of the space! The deep base design makes cleaning easy (and hopefully avoids messes).

All in all, this product will give your pet some great accommodations while still being compatible with other Habitrails items – meaning you can take advantage of their warranty too!!


  • reasonable price for starter cages
  • our hamster loves the wheel


  • one of our hamster’s feet got caught in between the bars
  • the tube doesn’t connect to any other tubes (you can only use it one way)

7. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

These animal shelters are designed to home a wide variety of small animals. The tight 3/8” wire spacing, the large tubby base offers room for exercise and accessories- as well an extra deep 6 1 4 ”tubby cage with two entry doors – one on top (for higher ranking species) or side facing the fence line in case you want more space!

The cage interior is spacious and well-ventilated, with two large entry points. The front door or top of the roof can both be used for access to this area which measures 12 ¾” long by 9 3/4 ” wide inside dimensions; it also has a secure locking mechanism that will keep your little one safe from any predators who might want in on their food!


  • spacious and just right
  • nice for Syrian hamsters


  • only suitable for large hamsters
  • the front door stopped latching after 6 months of use

8. Savic Metro Hamster Cage

This amazing hamster metro cage is the perfect place to keep your little critter safe and sound! It includes lots of accessories, like tunnels (so they can get lost in shrubbery or explore outside!), an exercise wheel that provides fresh air, AND views from their private penthouse apartment.

There are two houses- one for everyday living purposes; another just right if it’s time-lapses – because who doesn’t want some peace & quiet? And don’t forget about water bottles either with this setup.

This cage is perfect for pet owners who want to make sure their hamster has plenty of room. The large lower area ensures your furry friend will have lost-of frolicking and tunneling fun, while easy access from both inside and outside via two handles makes caring for them even more convenient!

You’ll be able to spend time playing with not only yourself but also giving attention to all those important rights like bathing – because what good would it do if you’re stuck in here? This home was designed by someone that knows how much animals need space, which means this product can fit into almost any decor easily (even though we think it’s gorgeous as is).


  • cage is BIG
  • sturdy cage and fun for our hamsters


  • The tendency for the hamster to escape at night
  • packaging could have improved

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