Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts

Even though guinea pigs get their own cage, they prefer to have some sort of hiding spot from which they can sleep and relax. Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals, and as such, their hideout will be there to protect and comfort them.

Guinea pigs are predators. Their relatives spend a lot of time in the wilderness hiding from predators. Domestic animals do not have that concern, but they still want to hide and feel safe. Here are some guinea pig hideout suggestions.

A hiding spot is a must-have item for your guinea pig’s cage. If you have more than one pig (which is always a good idea because they are herd animals by nature), you should have a separate hideout for each one. You can select from a variety of options, both store-bought and homemade.

Each guinea pig should, in general, have at least one hiding place. If they are constantly fighting or arguing over their possessions, you should get an extra bed, hideout, and a larger cage. Furthermore, guinea pig cages and hideaways should always have two entrances. As a result, if cornered, guinea pigs may flee rather than fight.

Guinea pigs do not normally sleep in close quarters. As a result, they prefer to sleep in various dwellings and hideouts. They don’t dislike each other; they simply prefer to have their own space and privacy.

So, Why Do Guinea Pigs Go Into Hiding? 

Guinea pigs are prey animals with natural survival instincts that cause them to hide. Guinea pigs, as prey animals, exhibit a variety of characteristics designed to keep them safe in their natural environment. These characteristics, which they share with their rodent relatives, include a keen sense of smell and hearing, the ability to flee quickly, and, most notably, the proclivity to hide even when not in danger.

The ability to effectively hide from predators is critical to guinea pig survival. Over millions of years of evolution, this survival strategy has been fine-tuned.

Guinea pigs are almost exclusively kept as pets nowadays (domesticated animals). This wasn’t always the case, as guinea pigs used to live in the wild as prey animals, which meant they were hunted and eaten by other animals.

Guinea pigs, on the other hand, have only been domesticated and kept as pets for about three thousand years. While this is long enough to keep guinea pigs from acting like wild animals, it pales in comparison to the time they spent in the wild, where they faced the real threat of being hunted by predators. This is why guinea pigs’ hiding instinct is still so strong, and why it sometimes outweighs their trust in humans.

Now that you know why guinea pigs hide, you might be wondering how you can help your pet thrive while also embracing his true nature. Let’s look at how you can make your guinea pig feel safe and secure while also encouraging him to come out of hiding and interact with you.

Here are The 10 Top Guinea Pig Hideouts:

1. LeerKing Guinea Pig Bed Hideout 

The “LeerKing” guinea pig hideout is among the most widely known and adorable hideouts for your pet and other small animals. It’s not only beautiful, but it also serves as a cozy home for small animals.


Pros:  This Fuzzy Nest provides your guinea pigs with a warm and comfortable hut to rest in, as well as a reasonable amount of space to move around in with plenty of privacy. 

It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, allowing your pet to stay, sleep, and play as much as he wants.

Cons: Pet may not like it

2. DOGIDOLI Small Animal Fleece Forest Hideout

Another excellent guinea pig hideout is the Beewarm fleece forest hideout. It’s made of colorful, warm, and soft polar fleece and long-lasting non-woven fabrics.

Pros: It will keep your sweetie pet warm during the winter.

It has a striking appearance and is available in five different colors: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, and Strawberry Red, allowing you to match your and your pet’s style.

It is simple to clean and dry in the washing machine or by hand without causing any damage.

3. JanYoo Hammock Cage Accessories

Because of its fancy appearance, “JanYoo” is a different, unique, and creative hideout for a guinea pig.

Pros: It comes in three different fantastic shapes: tunnel, bed, and hammock.

It’s a multifunctional accessory that will meet your pet’s needs and provide him with new ways to spend his time

Because they are made of high-quality cozy soft fleece material, the three shapes are well-made.

Furthermore, they are portable, washable – hand washing is preferred for longevity – and simple to clean and dry.

4. Ymid Select Cave Habitat

Ymid Select Handmade Napping Bag Pouch Hideaway Cave Habitat for Guinea Pig, cave habitat is divided into two sections.

Pros: The cave habitat is formed out of Japanese cotton and Hedgehog style linen fabric, which improves its quality and softness.

Every part of this habitat is sewn by hand, and it serves as their home, where they can have fun, relax, and feel safe.

You can take your pets anywhere in this sleeping bag.

There are no significant parts of the cave habitat that could harm the small animal.

5. Ruitong Hammock Bed

The Ruitong hammock is one of the best guinea pig beds and a must-have guinea pig accessory.

Pros: The tunnel-shaped hammock bed is suitable for guinea pigs, hamster rats, and other small animals.

There are many colors and sizes available to make it more suitable for your pig, and this tunnel is shaped like a nest that can be used not only for play but also as a sleeping lair.

Hammock beds are available in four different designs: whale, yellow duck, white star, and red cat.

6. Orangdogo Guinea Hamster Small Animal Pig Cage

This is one of the best products for your pet because it is very adventurous.

Pros: It’s also simple to clean and transport, allowing you to place it wherever you want.

Attach your accessories to any wire pet house to make your pet’s time more enjoyable.

It’s small and adorable for your pet.

It has a brown color and is very comfortable with the guinea pig.

It provides a safe place for young animals to sleep or nap, preferably one that is warm and cozy, as well as appropriate bedding materials.

7. Hollypet Small Pet Bed

Hollypet small pet bet for guinea pigs is an enclosed space that will keep your pets warm and comfortable.

Pros: It is recommended for indoor use and provides a comfortable home for your pet!

This banana guinea pig pet bed is very cute and comfortable for pets to sleep in, and it’s sure to impress you

There are numerous colors and sizes to choose from.

8. EONMIR Guinea Pig House

Hulett’s small pet bet for guinea pigs is an enclosed area that will keep your pets warm and comfortable.

Pros: Your mini guinea pigs and other smaller animals of similar size will enjoy sleeping or hiding in them.

It’s also a great decoration for your pet’s home.

It is made of high-quality soft fabric, with stretchy sponge padding and a long-lasting inner layer design for the lining.

It can keep your tiny animals toasty even in the freezing spell, and it will keep you and your guinea pig entertained.

9. Hollypet Warm Guinea Pig Habitat

Durable material with a closed space to keep your pets warm and comfortable.

Pros: Perfect for small pets such as guinea pigs, shaped like a pet bed, very cute, easy to care for, and washable surface.

This is designed to help pets sleep at all times, and it also has distinct hideouts for guinea pigs

It will keep your pet entertained for hours and is simple to use.

Texture, appearance, and color are all excellent.

10. HAYPIGS Circus-Themed Guinea Pig Cannoned Themed Hideout Tunnel

They are designed to be used as play tubes and tunnels.

Pros: Designed for small animals such as guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, or other small pets to hide, exercise, or sleep, as well as to provide them with a secret hideout when they need rest or are nervous from their surroundings.

It can keep your small animals warm even in the coldest winter, and it always makes you feel safe.

Although there are many options available at the pet store, you can make some fun hideouts for your guinea pig using materials you already have at home. Guinea pigs, for example, enjoy hiding in paper bags, just like cats.

You can also use old oatmeal or cereal boxes that you have torn apart and prop up in an A-frame shape. Allow your guinea pig to play with these items, and discard them when they become soiled or chewed.

The best part about these hiding places is that they’re free and can be found all over your house.

Happy shopping!

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